• God Rejects Saul’s Kingdom

    1 Samuel 13

    God is most gracious, but we should never think that disobeying His explicit commands will be without consequence. Saul disobeyed the Lord and lost the opportunity to have a lasting dynasty of sons to reign over Israel. If we are ...Read More

  • The Messiah in History

    Galatians 4:4–5

    The Christian faith is not an irrational creed that says it does not matter if what the Bible describes is real. Christianity is grounded in history, and it asserts that God entered into space and time to save His people. ...Read More

  • Messengers of God

    Luke 1:5–38

    The authority of a message from an angel or anyone else claiming to speak for God depends on whether that person actually is speaking God’s message. As Paul tells us in Galatians, if even an angel proclaims a gospel other ...Read More

  • The Sun Stands Still

    Joshua 10:1–15

    God continues to fight for His people today, particularly in and through the kingship of Christ. As our king, Christ subdues us to Himself, rules and defends us, and restrains and conquers all His and our enemies (Westminster Shorter Catechism ...Read More

  • Our Teacher the Holy Spirit

    John 14:25–26

    Sacred Scripture does not consist of merely human writings. Instead, the Scripture is inspired by our triune God and deserves our full attention and submission. When we are reading Scripture, we are reading not merely a humanly written book but ...Read More

  • Reading the Bible Holistically

    Matthew 19:1–9

    Understanding any one portion of Scripture correctly demands that we read it in the context of all of Scripture. That is why it is so important for us to be whole-Bible Christians. We must diligently study all that God has ...Read More

  • Truth Himself

    John 14:6–7

    Not only must we study the truth, we must also love the truth. If we refuse to love the truth (2 Thess. 2:10), we will not be saved. As we seek to know God’s truth, let us pray that the ...Read More