• Christ Our King

    Revelation 17:14

    God’s kingdom is a monarchy ruled over by the perfect King who will not fail to execute justice. Knowing this will sustain us as we face the many injustices this world has to offer. Christ sees them and He will ...Read More

  • The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

    John 16:4b–11

    The Holy Spirit was active in the world before the ascension of Jesus, but the outpouring of the Spirit as the result of Jesus’ ministry has meant a mightier work of the Spirit among the nations. People around the world ...Read More

  • One Kingdom Will Continue

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  • The Rule of the Priest-King

    Hebrews 10:11–14

    John Calvin writes, “If then our faith seeks Christ sitting on God’s right hand, and recumbs quietly on him as there sitting, we shall at length enjoy the fruit of his victory; yea, when our foes, Satan, sin, death, and ...Read More