• Lazarus Resurrected

    John 11:36–44

    When God speaks to call forth life, life is always imparted. We see this in the creation narrative, in the raising of Lazarus from the dead, and in the spiritual rebirth that occurs in regeneration. When the Holy Spirit attends ...Read More

  • Ministry in Galilee

    John 4:43–54

    What is the foundation of your faith? The signs and wonders recorded in Scripture can help confirm our faith, but they are by themselves no sure foundation for faith. We know, in fact, that many people saw Jesus do great ...Read More

  • Multiplying Loaves and Fishes

    John 6:1–14

    Our Lord is gracious and kind, so we should never think that He is hesitant to do good to us. Although God has not promised to give us everything we ask for, He has pledged to meet all our real ...Read More

  • Nicodemus Comes to Jesus

    John 3:1–2

    That Jesus received and spoke with Nicodemus even though his faith was mixed with fear is encouraging to us. It shows us that we need not fear running to Jesus even when we feel like our faith is weak. In ...Read More

  • Providential Working Through Miracles

    2 Kings 6:1–7

    Because God is sovereign over His creation and can direct it to whatever ends He desires, we can be confident that He can answer our prayers. Though God in His sovereignty retains the right to say yes or no to ...Read More

  • Testifying to Jesus

    John 5:30–36

    God has not left us with limited evidence that Jesus is who He claimed to be. There is an abundance of testimony to His identity, including His own teaching, the witness of John the Baptist, the witness of the Father, ...Read More

  • Walking on the Sea of Galilee

    John 6:16–21

    Jesus calls us His friends (John 15:14–15), and that is a great privilege indeed. However, we dare not forget that Jesus is no ordinary friend. He is the sovereign Lord and Creator of the universe, and although He loves us ...Read More