• Joshua’s Farewell

    Joshua 24

    John Calvin comments on Joshua 24:19–20 that “no general rule is laid down [for all sin], but the discourse is directed, as often elsewhere, against their disobedient temper. It does not refer to faults in general, or to special faults, ...Read More

  • The Lord Calls Gideon

    Judges 6:1–32

    The fear of men plagues many people, making them more afraid to stand for the Lord’s Word than they should be. We must all fight this fear, asking the Lord to give us the conviction we need to obey Him ...Read More

  • Samuel Meets Saul

    1 Samuel 9:3–27

    Life brings with it many disappointments and changes of plans, and we can find it hard to see that God is working in all of it. However, we must remember that the Lord is working out His good plans for ...Read More