• God Is Unchangeable

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  • Adversity Leads to Glory

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  • Jephthah Rises to Lead Israel

    Judges 10:6–11:28

    Our repentance will never be perfect because we will never remember all of the sins we have committed and because we can never understand the depth of our sin the way God understands it. We must also repent for our ...Read More

  • Making Known the Father’s Name

    John 17:25–26

    In his commentary John, Dr. R.C. Sproul gives us a practical benefit of knowing and experiencing the love of God: “The knowledge of His everlasting love for us gives us the strength we need to fulfill the mission that ...Read More

  • Friends of the Savior

    John 15:14–17

    We have the honor of being not only servants of Jesus but also friends to whom He has revealed God’s plan of salvation. Let us not fail to be grateful for that honor, and as we remember that we are ...Read More

  • Christian Love Defined

    John 15:12–13

    Christian love is costly, and it looks for ways to give of itself to others. Every day, there are little ways we can sacrifice some of our rights and privileges in order to love others, especially those in the body ...Read More

  • Jesus, the First and the Last

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  • The Shepherd Who Knows His Sheep

    John 10:11–16

    John Calvin comments on John 10:16, “We are already God’s sheep, before we are aware that He is our shepherd.” Christ’s sheep, in the first instance, do not choose Him but He chooses them. The love that Jesus has for ...Read More

  • And They Followed Jesus

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  • Law and Gospel

    Galatians 3:24

    God never gives His law without also giving the gospel or the promise of the gospel, and He never gives the gospel without telling us His law. We need both law and gospel to be equipped to know and serve ...Read More