• The Foundations of Ethics

    Judges 21:25

    People may deny that there is a fixed standard of right and wrong for everyone, but if they really believed this, they would not get upset when their property is stolen or when someone hurts one of their loved ones. ...Read More

  • The Most Powerful Force

    Ephesians 1:3-4

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  • The Promised New Covenant

    Hebrews 8:8–10

    We will talk more about what it means that God is writing the law on our hearts. In context, however, Jeremiah and the author of Hebrews are talking about the moral law of God, which is found under both the ...Read More

  • A Secure Hope in a Secure Place

    Hebrews 6:18–20

    Our hope is in heaven and will be consummated in the world to come. However, even now we enjoy a foretaste of it in the forgiveness of sins, the fellowship of the church, and the presence of the Holy Spirit. ...Read More

  • Wielding the Sword

    1 Corinthians 14:33

    There are many fine resources that describe the basic rules for sound biblical interpretation, and it is a good idea to make use of them. In addition, we must always approach the Bible reverently, praying that the Lord will help ...Read More

  • Demonstrations of Power

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  • The God of Second Chances

    Esther 10

    The full story line of the Old Testament Historical Books points us finally to Christ. We learn in these books our need of a perfectly righteous king when we see the leaders of God’s people fail time and again. Because ...Read More

  • A New Day for God’s People

    Ezra 1

    The Lord is not bound to act in ways that we might expect, but in His sovereignty He is free to use whatever tool He chooses—even unbelievers—to accomplish His purposes. When God does this, He does not necessarily approve of ...Read More

  • A Glimmer of Hope for Judah

    2 Kings 25:22–30

    The hope for Judah found in today’s passage is faint, to be sure. Jehoiachin was still in exile even if he held an exalted place there. Nevertheless, his exaltation was a true indication that better days were ahead for Judah. ...Read More

  • Jerusalem Captured

    2 Kings 24:18–25:21

    The Lord is patient and often delays His judgment for what seems to be a long time. Thus, people often think His judgment is never coming. As Christians, we do not fear eternal punishment, yet the Lord’s patience with us ...Read More