• David Thanks the Lord

    2 Samuel 7:18–29

    David’s prayer for God to confirm His promise and bless David’s house was motivated by a desire to see the name of God magnified. Our prayers for God’s blessing on us should be motivated by the same. As we ask ...Read More

  • Demonstrations of Power

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  • Divine Begottenness and Procession

    John 14:26

    Why should we care to know these things about divine unity and distinction? It is not merely to fill our heads with theological knowledge. These concepts give us a further glimpse at who God is, allowing us to be filled ...Read More

  • Divine Diversity

    Psalm 110:1

    If God is an impersonal force, then we should pay Him little attention. We cannot know or relate to Him, and an impersonal being cannot be concerned with the affairs of human beings. But if God is a personal being, ...Read More

  • Essence and Person

    John 10:30

    God is one in essence and three in person. We do not know fully how that can be; nevertheless, it is the only formula that allows us to affirm everything that Scripture says about God. And affirming everything Scripture says ...Read More

  • Evil Kings in the North

    1 Kings 15:25–16:7

    God uses evil individuals to judge other evil people, but that does not absolve His instruments of judgment for their sin. That should remind us that we cannot be excused of evil motives for actions that end up causing good ...Read More

  • Father and Son Together

    John 5:19–24

    Because we are not God, we can never achieve the same kind of unity with our Creator that Jesus has. Nevertheless, we can bring our wills and desires in line with His, just as the Son wants to do only ...Read More

  • The Fruit of Patience

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  • A Glimmer of Hope for Judah

    2 Kings 25:22–30

    The hope for Judah found in today’s passage is faint, to be sure. Jehoiachin was still in exile even if he held an exalted place there. Nevertheless, his exaltation was a true indication that better days were ahead for Judah. ...Read More

  • The Glorification of the Son of Man

    John 13:31–33

    Without the cross, there is no Christianity. In the atoning death of Jesus is revealed the glory of our triune God, and if we do not preach the cross, then we are failing to glorify our Creator. When we share ...Read More