• God’s Regard for the King of Judah

    2 Kings 3

    Our only hope is that our holy Creator shows regard for us because of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. In ourselves, we are not deserving of the Lord’s blessing. In fact, we deserve only God’s wrath. But if we ...Read More

  • Gideon and the Fleece

    Judges 6:33–40

    We are tempted to ask God for a sign when we must make important life decisions. However, to think that a sign is necessary is to misunderstand how God guides us. The Lord has given us the principles in His ...Read More

  • Peaceful Feelings

    Read More

  • The Food that Sustained Jesus

    John 4:31–34

    As Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John, Jesus’ “zeal, His passion—was to do everything that the Father sent Him to do.” Only Jesus had such perfect passion, and that is why we need Him as our Savior. ...Read More

  • Discerning Vocation

    Romans 12:1–8

    One of the most valuable skills we can develop is the skill to evaluate our gifts honestly. Doing so will help us better manage our time so that we will volunteer and work in those areas where we will do ...Read More

  • Finding Your Vocation

    Genesis 2:15

    Ultimately, finding a vocation that is right for us is quite simple. We only need to find work that would be sanctioned by God’s Word and for which we are gifted. We do not need to peer into the hidden ...Read More

  • The Guidance of the Law

    Psalm 119:9–11

    We are not justified by attempting to keep the law of God. However, we grow in our sanctification as we seek to follow the law in the power of God’s Spirit. God’s law is a good gift to us so ...Read More

  • Special Revelation

    Genesis 40

    Many people are looking for a revelation from God in our day. We do not need to go looking for new special revelation, however, for we have all the revelation for how to serve God available to us in Scripture. ...Read More

  • Blessing the Lord Now and Forever

    Psalm 115:9–18

    God gives us good things not as ends in themselves but so that we will see His generosity and be moved to worship and serve Him. It is not a sin to desire good things from our Lord; the problem ...Read More

  • The Nearness of God in His Word

    Psalm 119:145–152

    Although we do not always feel as if God is near to us, we can be sure that He always draws close to His people when they study His Word and hear it preached. The Holy Spirit attends the reading ...Read More