• Whom Our Sin Offends

    Psalm 51:4

    We are often quick to feel bad about hurting other people when we sin against them. How quick are we, however, to feel sorrow for sinning against God when we have sinned against others? If we must apologize to another ...Read More

  • Rehoboam’s Reign

    2 Chronicles 11:5–12:16

    God relented because Judah listened to His word through the prophet Shemaiah and turned to Him in repentance. When we hear from the Word of God about our sin, the proper response is repentance. If we do not repent when ...Read More

  • Watch Out for the Leaven of Herod

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  • Abraham’s Extraordinary God

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  • The Gospel to the Whole World

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  • A Global Faith

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  • Joshua Meets The Commander of God’s Army

    Joshua 5:13–15

    The figure in today’s passage did not rebuke Joshua for worshiping him, which is another proof that Joshua had an encounter with God Himself (see Rev. 22:8–9). This encounter shows us that when we fight the battles God has commissioned ...Read More

  • The Apostle of Hope

    1 Peter 1:3

    Our Bible translations enable us to read God’s Word in our own languages so that we might grow in faith. Yet in reading these translations, we must take care that we understand what the biblical authors meant and that we ...Read More

  • Simon Peter Denies Jesus

    John 18:25–27

    Even some professing Christians act as if they must prove themselves worthy before Christ will receive them into His kingdom. Yet, the whole point of the gospel is that Jesus died for the unworthy, for sinners of all kinds. We ...Read More

  • God’s Means of Sanctification

    John 17:17–19

    John Calvin comments that “the truth, by which God sanctifies his sons, is not to be found any where else than in the word.” We cannot be sanctified apart from the Word of God, and so we must strive to ...Read More