• David’s Plea for Forgiveness

    Psalm 51:1–9

    Christians are new creations in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17), but that does not mean that we have been completely renewed. We still contend with the remnants of our fallenness, and the presence of sin will be with us until it ...Read More

  • Approving Evil

    Romans 1:32

    Sub-biblical views of sin do not confess our deadness in our transgression. If we consider today’s passage carefully, however, we see no better evidence of our deadness in sin than that we bless what the Lord condemns and condemn what ...Read More

  • Drawing People to Faith

    John 6:41–44

    John Calvin comments, “The Gospel, though it is preached to all without exception, cannot be embraced by all … a new understanding and a new perception are requisite; … faith does not depend on the will of men, but that ...Read More

  • Enemies of Truth

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  • Enslaved to Sin

    John 8:34

    Understanding that sinners are enslaved to sin can help us have more compassion on them. Although people know better, they do what is wrong because as slaves to sin that is all they can do. We, too, were once in ...Read More

  • The Glory Isaiah Saw

    John 12:36b–41

    Leon Morris, who was one of the foremost twentieth-century New Testament scholars, comments on today’s passage: “God’s purposes are not frustrated by the opposition of evil people. They are accomplished.” God used the hard hearts of Jesus’ opponents to fulfill ...Read More

  • Grace for the Weary

    Matthew 11:25–30

    John Calvin writes that Christ does not elect us and redeem us that we may sin freely. Instead, Christians are “raised up by his grace, [that] they may also take his yoke upon them, and that, being free in spirit, ...Read More

  • Herod’s Discernment

    Mark 6:19b–20

    Because sinners remain the image of God, they can still be reached with the truth of God. Only if the Spirit changes the hearts of those who read and hear God’s Word will they be converted. However, we can be ...Read More

  • Human Inability

    Romans 5:17

    With Augustine before them, the Protestant Reformers insisted that we are not born neutral but rather are born guilty and corrupted. This is what the Apostles taught, and it is what we must remember lest we give unbelievers hope that ...Read More

  • Joy and Strength

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