• The Disciples Go Fishing

    John 21:1–8

    In today’s passage, Peter was so eager to see Jesus that he jumped into the water and swam toward the shore, where Jesus was standing (John 21:7–8). Although Peter frequently talked and acted before he should have done so, surely ...Read More

  • The Purpose of John’s Gospel

    John 20:30–31

    John wrote his gospel to convince people that Jesus is the Messiah, but his gospel also strengthens the faith of those who already know that Jesus is the Messiah. We read and study John—and the rest of the Bible—all the ...Read More

  • Doubting Thomas

    John 20:24–29

    Christian faith is not against evidence. In fact, our faith is based on evidence. We believe because of the historical testimony of the Apostles to the ministry of Christ. It is no virtue to take a blind leap of faith; ...Read More

  • Mary Recognizes Her Lord

    John 20:16–18

    We do not fully know what the changes in Jesus’ body were after His resurrection or what the changes to our bodies will be after our resurrection. We do know, however, that our flesh will become imperishable (1 Cor. 15:42). ...Read More

  • Mary Sees Jesus and the Angels

    John 20:11–15

    There is a parallel between Mary’s not recognizing Jesus until He spoke and Jesus’ teaching that we cannot know Him unless God draws us (John 6:44). Until God speaks to us by His Spirit, changing our hearts and allowing us ...Read More

  • Mary Magdalene Finds the Empty Tomb

    John 20:1–2

    Different eyewitness accounts of the same event may not be identical, but that does not mean that they are contradictory. We must simply harmonize the testimony. The differences in the resurrection accounts are minor and reconcilable. Many Christian apologists (defenders ...Read More

  • Life from Father and Son

    John 5:25–29

    John Calvin continues his comments on today’s passage: “Indeed we do not deny that the faith which justifies us is accompanied by an earnest desire to live well and righteously; but we only maintain that our confidence cannot rest on ...Read More

  • The Son of Man Lifted Up

    John 3:14–15

    People are looking for salvation in many different places—in their bank accounts, relationships, careers, families, and so on. There is, however, only one place where salvation can be found, and that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. To search for ...Read More

  • The Resurrection of Our Bodies

    Romans 8:11

    People may claim that death is just part of the natural order, but their endeavors to delay or even prevent their own deaths prove otherwise. Sinners are looking to escape death, but the only way to do so is through ...Read More

  • Make Every Moment Count

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