• The Promised New Covenant

    Hebrews 8:8–10

    We will talk more about what it means that God is writing the law on our hearts. In context, however, Jeremiah and the author of Hebrews are talking about the moral law of God, which is found under both the ...Read More

  • Levi’s Inadequate Priesthood

    Hebrews 7:11–14

    God never intended for the Mosaic administration—the old covenant—to last forever. But that does not mean the elements of the moral law found in the Mosaic law pass away with the coming of Christ. The moral law remains our guide ...Read More

  • Paul’s Closing Greeting

    2 Thessalonians 3:17–18

    Take some time to skim the book of 2 Thessalonians today and note a teaching or two that are particularly applicable to where you currently find yourself. Ask the Lord to help you follow the teaching and to give you ...Read More

  • Nehemiah’s Pleas to God

    Nehemiah 13:1–14

    Matthew Henry comments on today’s passage: “Deeds done for the house of God and the offices of it, for the support of religion and the encouragement of it, are good deeds. . . . They shall in no wise lose ...Read More

  • The Law of God Recovered

    2 Kings 22

    The delay of divine judgment because of Josiah’s repentance shows us the Lord’s mercy. Even when severe discipline comes, those who continue in faith and obedience will often be spared the worst of it. When God disciplines His people as ...Read More

  • Doers, Not Hearers Only

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  • An Incomplete Conquest

    Joshua 12:1–13:7

    The incomplete conquest under Joshua and the need to continue trusting in God in order to possess all of Canaan can illustrate the need to persevere in faith. It was not enough for Israel to succeed under Joshua. The people ...Read More

  • Israel Obeys the Covenant

    Joshua 5:1–12

    An outward act of obedience in itself does not prove that genuine faith is present, but we have no reason to believe genuine faith is present if we never see any outward acts of obedience to God’s covenant demands. True ...Read More

  • Submission to Authority

    1 Peter 2:13–14

    That we must obey earthly authorities unless they command us to do something God forbids or forbid us to do something God commands is an easy principle to memorize but hard to apply. Before we disobey a lawful authority, we ...Read More

  • Two Kinds of Obedience

    1 Peter 2:21–25

    Jesus not only died for His people, but He lived for them as well. The perfect active obedience of Christ means that all who trust in Him have full citizenship in the kingdom of God. We do not need to ...Read More