• Saul Falls to the Philistines

    1 Samuel 31

    Saul was chosen for an important task in the kingdom of God, but he was finally rejected for his disobedience. We cannot think that God will overlook disobedience in His servants. He is gracious, but He is willing to remove ...Read More

  • David Rescues the People of Ziklag

    1 Samuel 30

    We do not strengthen ourselves in the Lord through mystical experiences or other esoteric activities. Instead, we find strength in God as we meditate on His Word and remember His promises to us. His Word is sure, and it gives ...Read More

  • The Philistines Reject David

    1 Samuel 29

    God’s providence can be likened to an invisible hand. The Lord is always moving in our lives, but often we do not discern His work until after the fact. He is guiding and directing all things for our good and ...Read More

  • Elderly, but Happy

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  • Saul’s Final Rejection

    1 Samuel 28:3–25

    Scripture is clear that the people of God may not take part in necromancy, sorcery, and other dark arts. Saul’s example shows us that when we play with such things, we open ourselves up to great danger. We must stay ...Read More

  • David Deceives Achish

    1 Samuel 27:1–28:2

    It is hard to know how to evaluate David’s actions in today’s passage. If they were sinful, let us note that David still accomplished good for Israel by defeating many of the nation’s enemies. Sometimes we put ourselves in certain ...Read More

  • David Spares Saul Again

    1 Samuel 26

    We do not have the same role in the history of redemption that David did. However, we know that God in His providence is working for our good just as He worked for David’s. We may not always understand how ...Read More

  • Abigail Saves David

    1 Samuel 25

    God restrains evil men from destroying His people. As we see in today’s passage, however, He also restrains His servants from destroying themselves. Most of us can probably think of at least one occasion when an unexpected conversation or event ...Read More

  • David Spares Saul’s Life

    1 Samuel 24

    David stayed his hand not because Saul deserved to live but because he was not Saul’s appointed judge. The Lord did not commission him to execute Saul, so he had to leave vengeance to the Lord. Although there are times ...Read More

  • Adversity Leads to Glory

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