• David Does Evil in the Eyes of the Lord

    2 Samuel 11

    Failure to remember that God sees everything leads very quickly to sin. If we understand that we can hide nothing from the Lord and that He will certainly hold us to account for our transgressions, then we have strong motivation ...Read More

  • David Subdues the Ammonites and Syrians

    2 Samuel 10

    Ideally, one’s profession of truth will line up with a life that is being transformed by the truth. Yet, sometimes people speak truth without evidencing personal transformation. That does not invalidate the truth professed, for truth is truth regardless of ...Read More

  • Mephibosheth Sits at the King’s Table

    2 Samuel 9

    The deep and abiding covenant love that David showed to Mephibosheth is an example for us today. We are to love those who are not necessarily able to do anything for us—the orphan, the widow, and others who may be ...Read More

  • The Justice and Equity of David

    1 Chronicles 18

    God is keeping His promise to give victory to the church, and Christian leaders are to respond by ruling with justice and equity. They are to strive for impartiality and to render decisions only according to the truth of God’s ...Read More

  • David Thanks the Lord

    2 Samuel 7:18–29

    David’s prayer for God to confirm His promise and bless David’s house was motivated by a desire to see the name of God magnified. Our prayers for God’s blessing on us should be motivated by the same. As we ask ...Read More

  • David Praises the Lord

    1 Chronicles 16:4–22

    God is faithful to His promises, even if He seems to tarry a long time in fulfilling them. That is one reason why we must never cease praying according to the promises of Scripture. He will bring them to pass, ...Read More

  • The Holy God and an Unholy Prophet

    Isaiah 6:1–7

    Are you resting in the fact that you might be better than others, a person who has not done things as bad as other people have done? All of us are tempted to believe that the Lord will accept us ...Read More

  • The Ark Comes to Jerusalem

    1 Chronicles 15:1–16:3

    Joy is an important aspect of our worship. While there is no one mandated way of expressing joy in Scripture, we do understand that our worship should include reverent joy as we think on our great salvation and praise the ...Read More

  • The Blessing and Curse of the Ark

    1 Chronicles 13

    Today’s passage indicates that the Lord takes His worship seriously. We are not allowed to treat God with irreverence by ignoring what He has commanded regarding worship, and if we do so, there may be severe consequences. Let us seek ...Read More

  • The Lord Establishes David

    2 Samuel 5:11–25

    God was faithful to His promises to David even though David was not completely faithful to Him. That is a great encouragement to us that the Lord will be faithful to us even though we are often unfaithful. It also ...Read More