• Utter Depravity

    Luke 11:11–13

    We have fallen far from our original state, but we do not exist in a state of utter depravity. We are still capable of recognizing what is good, though our moral sense is flawed apart from grace. God restrains us ...Read More

  • The Heights from Which We Have Fallen

    Genesis 1:27

    If, as the Bible tells us, man in sin has turned 180 degrees away from his original state, then we must have had an exalted original state indeed. Since, even though every part of us is tainted by sin, we ...Read More

  • The Man Born Blind

    John 9:1–7

    John Calvin comments, “We cannot always put our finger on the causes of the punishments which men endure.” We may not infer automatically that a person who is suffering has committed a specific sin. Sometimes the suffering is related to ...Read More

  • The One Who Seeks Christ’s Glory

    John 8:48–55

    Human beings fear death and seek to avoid it at nearly all costs. But there is only one way to escape death, and that is to keep—believe—the word of Jesus. He is the only One who can rescue us from ...Read More

  • Children of the Devil

    John 8:41–47

    John Calvin comments, “There is no piety and no fear of God where Christ is rejected.” No matter how outwardly pious a person may seem, he is a child of the devil if he rejects Christ. Our response should be ...Read More

  • Talking about Sin and Repentance

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  • Children of Abraham

    John 8:33–40

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John, “Christianity teaches that by nature we have sinful and corrupt natures that keep us in moral bondage.” This is why we need to be freed, and only the Son can free ...Read More

  • Showing Mercy and Upholding the Law

    John 8:7–11

    While God’s people are to be concerned with justice, we must also be willing to show mercy. If we are never merciful, it may prove that we have not understood God’s mercy to us. Justice is vital, and in God’s ...Read More

  • Blasphemy of the Spirit

    Matthew 12:22–32

    Christians may worry that they will commit the unforgivable sin, but they should not fret. After all, Jesus glorifies everyone whom He justifies (Rom. 8:28–30), so He will not let us commit the unpardonable sin and finally fall away. That ...Read More

  • When Towers Fall

    Luke 13:1–5

    The real question is not, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Rather, the key issue is, “Why do good things happen to bad people?” Even the best of us has sinned against our infinitely holy God, so we ...Read More