• Persevering Disciples

    John 6:66–71

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John that “if I want the words of eternal life, there’s only one place I can go to get them—to the One who gave His life that we might live.” Those who ...Read More

  • Grumbling and Disbelief

    John 6:60–65

    Unregenerate people will find the truth of God hard to believe not because it does not make sense to their minds but because it offends their sensibilities about themselves. In response, we dare not water down the gospel to make ...Read More

  • Eating and Belief

    John 6:52–59

    In the Lord’s Supper we are reminded of how essential the body and blood of Christ are to our lives, not because they are magical but because His body was broken and His blood was shed to bear the curse ...Read More

  • Abiding in Christ

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  • The Bread of Christ’s Flesh

    John 6:45–51

    God chooses His elect for salvation, but He does not do so in a way that takes away our responsibility to believe. We will not be saved if we do not believe in Christ, and we cannot know we are ...Read More

  • Drawing People to Faith

    John 6:41–44

    John Calvin comments, “The Gospel, though it is preached to all without exception, cannot be embraced by all … a new understanding and a new perception are requisite; … faith does not depend on the will of men, but that ...Read More

  • The Father’s Gift to the Son

    John 6:36–40

    Many people worry about whether they have been chosen by God for salvation, but today’s passage tells us that everyone who has been chosen comes to believe in Christ alone for redemption. Therefore, if we believe in Christ and show ...Read More

  • True Bread from Heaven

    John 6:30–35

    We can find eternal life only in Jesus. He alone can feed our souls with the bread of life. This means that no matter how much someone might appear to be dedicated to the Scriptures, they are not saved if ...Read More

  • The Work God Requires

    John 6:22–29

    John Calvin writes, “Faith brings nothing to God, but, on the contrary, places man before God as empty and poor, that he may be filled with Christ and with his grace.” Faith is something we “do,” but it is not ...Read More

  • Confessing Jesus with Your Mouth

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