• The Suffering in Sacrifice

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  • The Benefits of Fasting

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  • The Need for Prayer

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  • Equipped for Vocation

    Exodus 35:30–35

    Even though God gifts us with particular talents for particular tasks, that does not mean we put in no effort to grow in those talents. We are stewards of the gifts God has given, and as good stewards, we should ...Read More

  • The Mandate to Work

    2 Thessalonians 3:10–12

    God’s command to love our neighbors is not an abstract principle or a call to mere sentiment. Instead, we are to love our neighbors concretely, and that love is to be shown even when we are at work in our ...Read More

  • Called from Every Vocation

    1 Corinthians 7:17–24

    Some people work their whole lives in one vocation, while others experience a change of call during their lifetimes. The important thing to remember is that wherever we labor, we can labor for the glory of God and the good ...Read More

  • The Lord’s Supper and Examination

    1 Corinthians 11:27–32

    Only sinners need the death and resurrection of Christ, so sinners are welcomed to His table. But not all sinners may come—only those who have trusted in Jesus alone for salvation, which trust bears fruit in submission to His lordship, ...Read More

  • Living Sacrifices in Worship

    Romans 12:1

    Our spiritual worship consists of our offering ourselves to God as holy, acceptable living sacrifices. We pursue holiness because we want to offer to the Lord that which is pure. We seek to understand God’s will for worship so that ...Read More

  • Worshiping in Spirit and Truth

    John 4:24

    Dr. Sproul also comments on today’s passage that Jesus exhorts us “to see that the worship we offer comes from the depths of our souls, from our inner spirits, from the very cores of our being.” There will be an ...Read More

  • Reverent Worship

    Leviticus 10:1–3

    Strikingly absent from much of Christian worship today is an atmosphere of reverence that takes God seriously and seeks to glorify Him according to His Word. Much of this is due to the fact that we have downplayed the holiness ...Read More