• The Primacy of Divine Glory

    Isaiah 42:8

    Jesus tells us that God bestows a certain kind of glory on us in salvation (John 17:22), but this is not the kind of inherent divine glory that Isaiah is talking about. There is a glory that belongs to God ...Read More

  • God’s Will and Your Spouse

    Genesis 24

    Whether we are looking for a spouse ourselves or seeking to help another person discern a choice for marriage, we are to be guided by wisdom and the principles given in Scripture. Following these principles will help us make a ...Read More

  • Discerning Vocation

    Romans 12:1–8

    One of the most valuable skills we can develop is the skill to evaluate our gifts honestly. Doing so will help us better manage our time so that we will volunteer and work in those areas where we will do ...Read More

  • God’s Will and the External Call

    Acts 6:1–7

    No matter our vocation, we should expect some kind of external confirmation that the vocation we desire is actually for us. Furthermore, we should be honest with friends and family regarding their vocations. We do not serve people well when ...Read More

  • The Need for Prayer

    Read More

  • Finding Your Vocation

    Genesis 2:15

    Ultimately, finding a vocation that is right for us is quite simple. We only need to find work that would be sanctioned by God’s Word and for which we are gifted. We do not need to peer into the hidden ...Read More

  • God’s Will and the Internal Call

    1 Corinthians 9:16

    When we are making decisions, particularly in the realm of our vocations, it is helpful for us to ask ourselves what kind of work is most compelling. Although God does not promise us an easy life, that does not mean ...Read More

  • Defining the Will of God

    Deuteronomy 29:29

    The right way to pursue the will of God for our lives is to ask, what is pleasing to Him? The Lord does not expect us to live according to what He has not revealed but to seek to please ...Read More

  • Searching for the Will of God

    1 Thessalonians 4:3–8

    Discerning which path will provide the best opportunity for our sanctification is not always easy. However, if we take our personal growth into consideration, then we will be more likely to choose that which will make us more holy. When ...Read More

  • Equipped for Vocation

    Exodus 35:30–35

    Even though God gifts us with particular talents for particular tasks, that does not mean we put in no effort to grow in those talents. We are stewards of the gifts God has given, and as good stewards, we should ...Read More