• Deborah and Barak

    Judges 4:1–16; 5:1–5, 21

    Thanks be to God, He can still use us to advance His purposes even when our faith is less than perfect. As Barak’s example shows us, however, we will miss additional blessings if we doubt the promises of the Lord. ...Read More

  • Ehud and Eglon

    Judges 3:12–30

    Eglon was defeated in a humiliating fashion, which shows us the seriousness with which God takes those who exalt themselves against Him and His people. The Lord laughs and holds His foes in derision (Ps. 2:4), and He was unafraid ...Read More

  • Doers, Not Hearers Only

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  • The Model Judge

    Judges 3:1–11

    God delights to use people to accomplish His purposes, but we should take care to give Him the credit. He empowers our faithfulness, and apart from Him we can do nothing. Let us take time today to thank the Lord ...Read More

  • A Tragic Cycle

    Judges 2

    Today, the people of God face the same temptations that Israel faced in the era of the judges. Our land is filled with false gods and false worship practices, and if we are not careful, they can lead us astray. ...Read More

  • Trouble in Canaan

    Judges 1

    From a human perspective, the Israelites enjoyed much success against the Canaanites initially after Joshua died. Yet, while they took command of Canaan, they failed to obey the Lord in driving out the peoples of the land. Their outward success ...Read More

  • Joshua’s Farewell

    Joshua 24

    John Calvin comments on Joshua 24:19–20 that “no general rule is laid down [for all sin], but the discourse is directed, as often elsewhere, against their disobedient temper. It does not refer to faults in general, or to special faults, ...Read More

  • An Exhortation to Faithfulness

    Joshua 23

    Jesus has done everything necessary to secure our final rest from sin and death. However, He has not yet fully applied the benefits of His work. We will enjoy those benefits by trusting in Him alone for salvation, continuing in ...Read More

  • Dealing with Controversy

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  • The Unity of God’s People under True Worship

    Joshua 22

    True unity can come only as believers come together to worship the one true God according to His truth. Like the tribes described in today’s passage, we should be concerned for the pure worship of God, for if we violate ...Read More