• Living Sacrifices in Worship

    Romans 12:1

    Our spiritual worship consists of our offering ourselves to God as holy, acceptable living sacrifices. We pursue holiness because we want to offer to the Lord that which is pure. We seek to understand God’s will for worship so that ...Read More

  • Thanksgiving in Worship

    Esther 9:20–22

    Most of our regular worship services include expressions of thanksgiving to God for His redemption. We should participate in these wholeheartedly and also thank God during any periods of silent prayer that occur before, during, or after worship. Cultivating thankful ...Read More

  • Fasting in Worship

    Joel 2:12

    Although there can be occasions on which corporate fasting is appropriate, fasting is primarily a personal discipline. When we fast, we are driven to more urgent prayer and to remember our creaturely dependence. If you have not fasted before, consider ...Read More

  • Oaths and Vows in Worship

    Nehemiah 10:28–29

    Worship in the Reformed tradition has often been seen as a service of covenant renewal, and in Scripture vows are taken when the covenant is renewed (see Josh. 24). Our worship itself can be seen as a vow to serve ...Read More

  • Sacraments in Worship

    Acts 2:42

    In today’s church, some Christians believe that the sacraments can be a private affair, that it is right to take the Lord’s Supper in the privacy of one’s home apart from public worship. Scripture shows us otherwise. The sacraments are ...Read More

  • Prayer in Worship

    Acts 2:42

    We often think of prayer as a spiritual discipline for private worship and devotion, and so it is. But prayer is also a public devotion that is to be a part of corporate worship. When we sing hymns or pray ...Read More

  • Exhortation and Teaching in Worship

    1 Timothy 4:13

    If God’s people do not call for their pastors, elders, and teachers to bring them the Word, their leaders may be tempted to give them something different. We are all responsible to make sure that God’s Word is faithfully proclaimed. ...Read More

  • Reading Scripture in Worship

    1 Timothy 4:13

    We are certainly blessed to be able to read along in our own Bibles with our pastors as they read Scripture aloud during worship. There is also benefit in our hearing the Word of God read to us even when ...Read More

  • Heavenly Worship

    Hebrews 12:18–28

    That our worship takes place simultaneously in heaven and on earth has ramifications for how we plan and conduct worship. Our worship should be worthy of heaven itself and should reflect the things that are valued in heaven—sincerity, truth, beauty, ...Read More

  • The Time of Worship

    Revelation 1:10

    Churches may establish other non-obligatory days of worship and celebration besides the first day of the week. However, the only Christian day of worship that must be observed is the Lord’s Day. Let us take our responsibility to worship and ...Read More