• Entering His People’s Affliction

    John 11:28–35

    Although we often sin in the expression of our emotions, the same is not true of Jesus. Calvin writes that “in Christ the feelings were adjusted and regulated in obedience to God, and were altogether free from sin.” This means ...Read More

  • Source and Sustainer of Life

    John 11:17–27

    Jesus clarifies His point in John 11:26 that He is not saying everyone who believes in Him will escape physical death. What He means is that death will not have the final word for all those who are united to ...Read More

  • The Purpose of Lazarus’ Death

    John 11:11–16

    Although God would not have us deny the reality of our grief and pain, He would also have us know that He works through our suffering for good (Rom. 8:28). Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John that ...Read More

  • News about Lazarus

    John 11:1–10

    At times, God might seem to delay in responding to our prayers and our needs. God’s timing is not our timing, and His timing is always perfect. If we are tempted to believe God has forgotten us, let us remember ...Read More

  • Engraved on God’s Hands

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  • Charges of Blasphemy Refuted

    John 10:31–42

    Civil authorities have been given the right to bear the sword by God Himself (Rom. 13:1–7), so they have a kind of “divine” authority that has been delegated to them. We know, however, that earthly judges often fail to do ...Read More

  • The Perfect Unity of the Father and the Son

    John 10:30

    John Calvin writes that the “affairs [of Jesus] are so closely united to those of the Father, that the Father’s assistance will never be withheld from himself and his sheep.” The full unity in mission and essence of the Father ...Read More

  • Safe in the Hand of God

    John 10:22–29

    John Calvin comments, “The salvation of all the elect is not less certain than the power of God is invincible.” To believe that those who have truly trusted in Christ alone for salvation can be finally lost is to imply ...Read More

  • The Shepherd’s Charge from His Father

    John 10:17–21

    Given that Jesus willingly came to die for us, we have no other recourse than to come to Him by faith alone, trusting in Him daily and seeking to keep His commandments out of gratitude for His salvation. We must ...Read More

  • The Shepherd Who Knows His Sheep

    John 10:11–16

    John Calvin comments on John 10:16, “We are already God’s sheep, before we are aware that He is our shepherd.” Christ’s sheep, in the first instance, do not choose Him but He chooses them. The love that Jesus has for ...Read More