• The Apollinarian Heresy

    Luke 2:52

    Jesus’ lack of a true human soul not only compromises the atonement but it also means He could not have been tempted in every way that we are (Heb. 4:15). That, in turn, would make Him unable to help us ...Read More

  • The Eutychian Heresy

    Matthew 8:24

    A mediator represents the interests of both parties, so Jesus could not perfectly represent God if He were not truly divine, and He could not perfectly represent human beings if He were not truly human. Because He possesses two distinct ...Read More

  • Shattered Trust

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  • The Docetic Heresy

    2 John 7

    The docetists rejected the true humanity of Christ because of a notion that the physical world is inherently defective. Biblical Christianity affirms something different. Although the creation is presently fallen, God originally made it very good. Thus, there is no ...Read More

  • Early Denial’s of Christ’s Deity

    Mark 1:9–11

    We should be on guard against false teaching in the church, but we should also recognize that many people hold to false teaching out of ignorance of Scripture and church history and not because they really want to be heretics. ...Read More

  • The Necessity of Christology

    John 17:3

    The church has engaged in the study of Christology in order to make sure we are worshiping the true Son of God and not an idol. Not all of us are called to be full-time theologians, but all of us ...Read More

  • Before the Final Passover

    John 11:54–57

    There is no inherent virtue in seeking out suffering and persecution, but that does not mean we are not called to endure it at times. We are called to be faithful to Christ even when that means persecution, so although ...Read More

  • An Unwitting Prophet

    John 11:45–53

    The comment of Caiaphas and the meaning behind it—which was true but unknown to him—shows us how God’s intention and the intentions of people work together to bring about the events of history. Caiaphas wanted Jesus to die for the ...Read More

  • Ministry on God’s Terms

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  • Lazarus Resurrected

    John 11:36–44

    When God speaks to call forth life, life is always imparted. We see this in the creation narrative, in the raising of Lazarus from the dead, and in the spiritual rebirth that occurs in regeneration. When the Holy Spirit attends ...Read More