• Elijah the Prophet

    1 Kings 17

    Yahweh showed Himself more powerful than Baal by raising the widow’s son from the dead. In these latter days, Yahweh has shown Himself more powerful than Satan, sin, death, and all other “gods” by raising the Lord Jesus Christ from ...Read More

  • The Everlasting King

    Psalm 145

    Because God’s kingdom is everlasting, we can be confident that He will overcome all of His and our enemies. No foe can outlast Him, and nothing will ever cause His throne to fall. We should therefore be unafraid that our ...Read More

  • Examining the Preceptive Will of God

    During the next few days, read Psalm 119, which praises the preceptive will of God as revealed in His written Word.Read More

  • Explaining The Phenomena

    Romans 1:19–20

    We need both science and theology for a full under-standing of the natural world. For example, God sends the rain, and rain is caused by the accumulation of water in the clouds. Each explanation is true—God is the primary cause ...Read More

  • Exposing the Permissive Will of God

    How has a false view of God’s permissive will affected your Christian walk in the past? Do you have a different view of His permissive will now? How will it affect your walk in the future?Read More

  • The Extent of the Atonement, Part II

    John 10:11

    Non-Reformed Christians have a noble intent in believing that Jesus atoned for the sins of all people, for they want to magnify God’s love and grace. Ultimately, however, they reduce His power and they make His love nonspecific. But the ...Read More

  • The Eyes of the Lord

    1 Peter 3:10–12

    When we relate the command to bless our enemies to the rest of Scripture we may fall into one of two extremes. We can either put ourselves into unnecessary dangers by refusing always to defend ourselves, or we can use ...Read More

  • Faith in the Creator

    Hebrews 11:3

    Belief that God made the universe is one of the most frequently challenged and ridiculed aspects of the Christian faith in our day. Yet, believing that God made the heavens and the earth is vastly important. It is a key ...Read More

  • The Father and the Son’s Sabbath Labor

    John 5:15–18

    God’s rest on the Sabbath is a model for ours (Gen. 2:1–3). Thus, if God works on the Sabbath to preserve the universe, the cessation of ordinary labor on the Sabbath does not equal idleness on our part. We are ...Read More

  • The Father’s Gift to the Son

    John 6:36–40

    Many people worry about whether they have been chosen by God for salvation, but today’s passage tells us that everyone who has been chosen comes to believe in Christ alone for redemption. Therefore, if we believe in Christ and show ...Read More