• Military Victories and Spiritual Loss

    1 Samuel 14:47–15:9

    Jesus uttered this sober warning: “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” (Mark 8:36). Achieving much in this life is not a bad thing, but if we are not concerned to love ...Read More

  • Hope for Israel

    1 Samuel 12

    Matthew Henry comments that “we mistake if we think that we can evade God’s justice by shaking off his dominion. If God shall not rule us, yet he will judge us.” The ancient Israelites could not escape God’s rule by ...Read More

  • A King in Hiding

    1 Samuel 10:17–27

    It is not uncommon for people to experience fear with respect to the calling they have been given or a sense of unworthiness for that calling. However, such feelings become sin when they keep us from serving as the Lord ...Read More

  • Ruth and Naomi

    Ruth 1:15–22

    Ruth came to faith in the God of Israel, and we know that can happen only because God brought her dead soul to life (Eph. 2:1–10). Long before the coming of Christ, the Lord was bringing people outside of Israel ...Read More

  • Gideon Defeats Midian

    Judges 7

    We cannot rest in our own strength or our own works to enjoy the salvation of the Lord. He alone can defeat the enemy, and He delights to use the most unlikely means to do so. We are not to ...Read More

  • Deborah and Barak

    Judges 4:1–16; 5:1–5, 21

    Thanks be to God, He can still use us to advance His purposes even when our faith is less than perfect. As Barak’s example shows us, however, we will miss additional blessings if we doubt the promises of the Lord. ...Read More

  • Our Promise-Keeping Lord

    Joshua 21:41–45

    The Christian faith is founded on the promises of God and testifies to the fact that the Lord has kept His promises and will keep all His promises. At times, we can find it hard to believe that God will ...Read More

  • Joshua Commissioned to Lead Israel

    Joshua 1:1–5

    If Joshua and the Israelites were not convinced that God would be with them, they would have been unable to obey Him and take the land. Similarly, if we are unconvinced that God is with us, we will not attempt ...Read More

  • Where Do You Find Your Identity?

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  • A Place Prepared for Us

    John 14:1–3

    There are many rooms in the Father’s house, which means there is ample space in glory for all who trust in Jesus alone. Even now, Jesus is preparing a place for us, a place that will be far better than ...Read More