• Trinitarian Heresies

    Titus 2:1

    The church rejected modalism and Arianism centuries ago, but that has not stopped these ideas from recurring from time to time. Unitarians and some Pentecostals affirm a form of modalism. The Jehovah’s Witnesses are modern-day Arians. Even many people in ...Read More

  • Biblical Evidence for the Trinity

    2 Corinthians 13:14

    The Trinity is a doctrine that we cannot fully understand, although there is much we can say. But we need not fully understand it in order to affirm it. It is taught in God’s Word, and we are responsible to ...Read More

  • The One and Only God

    1 Timothy 1:17

    In our day, many people find true monotheism offensive. In confessing only one God, we are saying not only that He is our God but that He is the God of all people whether they want Him to be their ...Read More

  • Father and Son Together

    John 5:19–24

    Because we are not God, we can never achieve the same kind of unity with our Creator that Jesus has. Nevertheless, we can bring our wills and desires in line with His, just as the Son wants to do only ...Read More

  • The Incarnation of the Word of God

    John 1:14–15

    In Christ alone can we meet God as Savior, so we can rightly worship God only in and through Christ. We cannot join with nonbelievers in their worship, for they do not worship God in and through Christ, and we ...Read More

  • God’s Royal Priesthood

    1 Peter 2:9

    God has established innumerable callings in which we can serve Him and our neighbor. As priests of God, what we do for Him has spiritual value, and in Christ we all have direct access to Him. No matter what you ...Read More

  • The Arts and the Worship Space

    2 Chronicles 5:1

    Some professing Christians neglect public worship, saying that they can worship God anywhere, even while sitting on the beach. While it is true that God can be worshiped anywhere, we are not to neglect the corporate worship of God’s people. ...Read More

  • The Beauty of Worship

    Psalm 27:4

    If God thought beauty was important for worship under the old covenant, how much more important is it for new covenant worship since we have a clearer understanding of God’s beauty through the life and ministry of Christ? Let us ...Read More

  • The Fruit of Patience

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  • Our Faithful God

    Genesis 15:1–21

    God has two “choices”: He can keep His promise or He can die. But since God, in fact, cannot die because of His very nature, there is only one real option left to Him when He makes a covenant, and ...Read More