• Haman the Agagite

    Esther 3

    Sometimes we bring unnecessary trouble on ourselves by failing to honor those whom we should honor. If we respect those whom we are supposed to respect, we make things easier for ourselves and, more importantly, we obey the Lord in ...Read More

  • Esther and Mordecai

    Esther 2

    As Christians, we know that we are to live separately from the world, not following its evil customs as we seek to be lights pointing the way to Christ (2 Cor. 6:14–18). It can be difficult to know how to ...Read More

  • Trouble in the Persian Court

    Esther 1

    The author of Esther had to tell us about Vashti’s being removed from her position in order to explain how Esther became queen. But he did not have to go into such detail. Make no mistake—he included these facts to ...Read More

  • Overlooking Personal Offenses

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  • Postexilic Failure

    Nehemiah 13:15–31

    During the period between Nehemiah and Christ, the hope for God’s deliverance grew and the longing for the Messiah increased among the faithful. The initial promise of the postexilic period faded, and the faithful knew that the Lord would have ...Read More

  • Nehemiah’s Pleas to God

    Nehemiah 13:1–14

    Matthew Henry comments on today’s passage: “Deeds done for the house of God and the offices of it, for the support of religion and the encouragement of it, are good deeds. . . . They shall in no wise lose ...Read More

  • Dedicating the Wall of Jerusalem

    Nehemiah 12:27–47

    Are we known as people who rejoice in our salvation? We should be, and yet it is easy for us to take our redemption for granted, to focus on the difficulties of this life and the hardships we face. Yet, ...Read More

  • The Jews Covenant to Obey God

    Nehemiah 10:28–39

    The promises or covenants that we make will ultimately be only as good as our commitment to keep them. Formalizing promises in writing is a good thing to keep us accountable, but written documents are meaningless if we do not ...Read More

  • Corporate Confession of Sin

    Nehemiah 9

    Many individual Jews followed God faithfully in Nehemiah’s day, but ongoing suffering under foreign domination means that the nation as a whole remained in sin. The people needed a greater act of God to rescue them from exile: the coming ...Read More

  • The Blessings of Common Grace

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