• Coping with Anxiety

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  • Courage Under Fire

    Daniel 3:1–4:3

    God rescued His faithful servants when they showed themselves unwilling to bow to Nebuchadnezzar’s dictates. The Lord promises to deliver us as well, though this deliverance might not occur until He returns. In any case, we serve God not because ...Read More

  • The Cradle and the Cross

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  • Cyrus, the Lord’s Anointed

    Isaiah 45:1–13

    It might be a clichè to say that we should “expect the unexpected.” Yet because God is fully sovereign, there is a real sense in which we should expect Him to act in ways we have not anticipated because His ...Read More

  • David Flees Jerusalem

    2 Samuel 15:18–37

    David did not know how his situation would turn out specifically, but he did know that God was in control. That trust in God’s sovereignty did not lead to passivity but to wise action according to what he could see ...Read More

  • David on the Run

    2 Samuel 16:1–14

    Shimei’s resistance to the divinely appointed king was no ordinary opposition. In resisting God’s appointed king, he was resisting God Himself. Similarly, for us to resist or take lightly the commands of Christ is to resist God Himself. We must ...Read More

  • David’s Final Charge to Israel

    1 Chronicles 28:1–19

    Matthew Henry comments on today’s passage, “God’s commandments will not be kept without great care.” If we are to obey the Lord, then we must pay close attention to His law. Just as the people of Israel needed exhortation to ...Read More

  • David’s Ministry to Saul

    1 Samuel 16:14–23

    Many people do not like the idea that God is in control even of evil and that He is involved even in the bad things that happen to us—even though the Lord never does evil Himself. Yet God’s sovereignty over ...Read More

  • David Spares Saul’s Life

    1 Samuel 24

    David stayed his hand not because Saul deserved to live but because he was not Saul’s appointed judge. The Lord did not commission him to execute Saul, so he had to leave vengeance to the Lord. Although there are times ...Read More

  • Defining the Will of God

    Deuteronomy 29:29

    The right way to pursue the will of God for our lives is to ask, what is pleasing to Him? The Lord does not expect us to live according to what He has not revealed but to seek to please ...Read More