• Jephthah Rises to Lead Israel

    Judges 10:6–11:28

    Our repentance will never be perfect because we will never remember all of the sins we have committed and because we can never understand the depth of our sin the way God understands it. We must also repent for our ...Read More

  • Danger from Within

    Judges 9:22–57

    When God’s people do not deal with heinous sin, both the sinner and the people who aid and abet him will be destroyed. Too often, church leaders have overlooked sin in the congregation, and the results have been catastrophic for ...Read More

  • Gideon’s Short-Lived Revival

    Judges 8:22–35

    Gideon served the Lord, but he fell into compromise toward the end of his life. This is a danger we all face, and so we must be cautious lest we start well and finish poorly. We must endeavor to be ...Read More

  • Gideon Defeats Midian

    Judges 7

    We cannot rest in our own strength or our own works to enjoy the salvation of the Lord. He alone can defeat the enemy, and He delights to use the most unlikely means to do so. We are not to ...Read More

  • Weaponize Your Quiet Time

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  • Gideon and the Fleece

    Judges 6:33–40

    We are tempted to ask God for a sign when we must make important life decisions. However, to think that a sign is necessary is to misunderstand how God guides us. The Lord has given us the principles in His ...Read More

  • The Glory of Jael

    Judges 4:17–24; 5:24–31

    It can be easy to think that we must possess great skills in order to be used by the Lord to do great things for His kingdom. The example of Jael, however, shows us that God can use ordinary, common ...Read More

  • Deborah and Barak

    Judges 4:1–16; 5:1–5, 21

    Thanks be to God, He can still use us to advance His purposes even when our faith is less than perfect. As Barak’s example shows us, however, we will miss additional blessings if we doubt the promises of the Lord. ...Read More

  • Ehud and Eglon

    Judges 3:12–30

    Eglon was defeated in a humiliating fashion, which shows us the seriousness with which God takes those who exalt themselves against Him and His people. The Lord laughs and holds His foes in derision (Ps. 2:4), and He was unafraid ...Read More

  • Doers, Not Hearers Only

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