• The Glorious Return of Christ

    Acts 1:6–11

    We do not know exactly when Jesus will return, but we do know that it could be at any moment. Every breath we take could possibly be the last one we breathe before Jesus returns. Knowing the imminence of Christ’s ...Read More

  • The Millennial Reign of Christ

    Revelation 20:1–6

    Given the disagreements over the millennium in church history, it is wise to hold our millennial views with humility. We should not divide with others who affirm the present reign of Christ over His kingdom if they differ with us ...Read More

  • Faithful Through the Ages

    Romans 3:21–22a

    God has revealed Himself throughout history and He has kept the promises that He has made in that revelation. Seeing how the Lord has revealed His plan and fulfilled it gives us confidence that He is a trustworthy God. If ...Read More

  • Penal Substitution

    Isaiah 53

    All people have a sense of guilt for their transgressions no matter how hard they try to suppress it. The only way to lose the weight of guilt is to have it removed through atonement. If you have trusted in ...Read More

  • Obedience Under The Law

    Galatians 4:4–5

    If we are in Christ, we are redeemed from the law and are “not under the law, as a covenant of works, to be thereby justified, or condemned” (Westminster Confession of Faith 19.6). We are now liberated to use the ...Read More

  • Jesus The True Israel

    Hosea 11:1

    Ultimately, the Israel of God is not an ethnic designation but a spiritual one. God’s covenant people includes all those who put their faith in the true fulfillment of Israel, Jesus our Lord. Together, Jews and Gentiles united to Christ ...Read More

  • Jesus The Last Adam

    1 Corinthians 15:45

    Christ came not merely to restore us to what we were before Adam’s fall but to give us something better. As the last Adam, Christ restores what was lost and guarantees that we will never lose it again. He gives ...Read More

  • The Need for Biblical Theology

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