• Redemption Accomplished

    John 19:28–30

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John: “When [Jesus] said, ‘It is finished,’ He was saying not just that His life was over but that His mission had been fulfilled. His purpose in coming to earth and going ...Read More

  • Simon Peter Denies Jesus

    John 18:25–27

    Even some professing Christians act as if they must prove themselves worthy before Christ will receive them into His kingdom. Yet, the whole point of the gospel is that Jesus died for the unworthy, for sinners of all kinds. We ...Read More

  • At the Feast of Booths

    John 7:1–13

    The hatred of Jesus, John Calvin writes, shows that “the Gospel cannot be faithfully preached without summoning the whole world, as guilty, to the judgment-seat of God, that flesh and blood may thus be crushed and reduced to nothing.” People ...Read More

  • Grumbling and Disbelief

    John 6:60–65

    Unregenerate people will find the truth of God hard to believe not because it does not make sense to their minds but because it offends their sensibilities about themselves. In response, we dare not water down the gospel to make ...Read More

  • Life from Father and Son

    John 5:25–29

    John Calvin continues his comments on today’s passage: “Indeed we do not deny that the faith which justifies us is accompanied by an earnest desire to live well and righteously; but we only maintain that our confidence cannot rest on ...Read More

  • The Samaritan Woman Bears Witness to Jesus

    John 4:27–30

    The gospel is not only for the respectable and those who have their lives together. The gospel is also for the outcast, the dysfunctional, and those who have made shambles of their lives. We must welcome all kinds of people ...Read More

  • The Son of Man Lifted Up

    John 3:14–15

    People are looking for salvation in many different places—in their bank accounts, relationships, careers, families, and so on. There is, however, only one place where salvation can be found, and that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. To search for ...Read More

  • Our Highest Calling

    Isaiah 52:7

    The highest calling that any of us will ever have is to be a witness to the gospel. Some of us are called to witness to the gospel full time as ordained preachers and teachers of God’s Word. Others of ...Read More

  • Confident in the Truth

    Isaiah 40:8

    If our confidence in proclaiming God’s Word is grounded in our own abilities, then we will be arrogant and will ultimately not stand for the truth under pressure. Our confidence must be grounded in the Word of God itself, in ...Read More

  • The Lord’s Supper as Remembrance

    Exodus 12

    Our God is a holy God who cannot wink at sin. He cannot simply forgive people without demanding a price for their sin. On the cross, Christ paid that high price of separation from God for His people. The bread ...Read More