• Greeting the King

    John 12:12–15

    The crowd on the first Palm Sunday sought a Jesus who would conquer Rome. Today, we may not be looking for such a Jesus, but we are all tempted to follow the Jesus of our own imaginings and not the ...Read More

  • Before the Final Passover

    John 11:54–57

    There is no inherent virtue in seeking out suffering and persecution, but that does not mean we are not called to endure it at times. We are called to be faithful to Christ even when that means persecution, so although ...Read More

  • An Unwitting Prophet

    John 11:45–53

    The comment of Caiaphas and the meaning behind it—which was true but unknown to him—shows us how God’s intention and the intentions of people work together to bring about the events of history. Caiaphas wanted Jesus to die for the ...Read More

  • Entering His People’s Affliction

    John 11:28–35

    Although we often sin in the expression of our emotions, the same is not true of Jesus. Calvin writes that “in Christ the feelings were adjusted and regulated in obedience to God, and were altogether free from sin.” This means ...Read More

  • Source and Sustainer of Life

    John 11:17–27

    Jesus clarifies His point in John 11:26 that He is not saying everyone who believes in Him will escape physical death. What He means is that death will not have the final word for all those who are united to ...Read More

  • Opening Blind Eyes

    John 9:24–33

    In today’s world, many people are claiming to have experienced miracles such as seeing the dead raised, the lame walk, and so forth. Yet when you press such people for evidence, it suddenly becomes hard for them to find proof. ...Read More

  • Showing Mercy and Upholding the Law

    John 8:7–11

    While God’s people are to be concerned with justice, we must also be willing to show mercy. If we are never merciful, it may prove that we have not understood God’s mercy to us. Justice is vital, and in God’s ...Read More

  • Jesus Brings Division

    John 7:40–46

    When confronted with the words and deeds of Jesus, no one can finally remain neutral. One will believe Him or reject Him; there is no middle ground. When we proclaim Jesus and His gospel accurately, there will be division. Some ...Read More

  • A Perplexed Opposition

    John 7:32–36

    It is important for us to be concerned with making good arguments and sound defenses of the Christian faith. But if we do this thinking that our work is sufficient to convince people, we are fooling ourselves. The Spirit must ...Read More

  • Ministry in Galilee

    John 4:43–54

    What is the foundation of your faith? The signs and wonders recorded in Scripture can help confirm our faith, but they are by themselves no sure foundation for faith. We know, in fact, that many people saw Jesus do great ...Read More