• The Temple Celebration

    2 Chronicles 7

    Matthew Henry comments on 2 Chronicles 7:14 that “pardoning mercy makes way for healing mercy.” We cannot expect the Lord to fix the problems in the church if we are unwilling to turn from our sin and rest in His ...Read More

  • Solomon’s Prayer of Dedication

    2 Chronicles 6:12–42

    God cannot be confined to a particular space, but He does meet with His people in particular spaces. When we gather for worship, the Lord meets with us, and we enjoy His presence. It is fitting to build church sanctuaries ...Read More

  • Covetousness

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  • The Ark Comes to the Temple

    2 Chronicles 5:1–6:11

    Our omnipresent Creator is not confined to any one place. However, He did make His presence felt in a special way in the old covenant temple. Today He is “enthroned on the praises of Israel” (Ps. 22:3). When God’s people ...Read More

  • Furnishings for the Temple

    1 Kings 7:13–51

    God’s gifting of those who built the implements for use in temple worship indicates that the Lord gives His people various gifts for use in worship and in the service of His church. Not all of us can be ordained ...Read More

  • Solomon Builds His Palace

    1 Kings 6:37–7:12

    Like Solomon, we are apt to get distracted and focus more on our own concerns than on the Lord and His worship. Remaining sin means we will fall short in putting God first until we are glorified, and thanks be ...Read More

  • Solomon Builds the Temple

    2 Chronicles 3

    Matthew Henry points to the carved cherubim in today’s passage, encouraging us with the hope that “the thought that we are worshiping him before whom the angels cover their faces will help to inspire us with reverence in all our ...Read More

  • Solomon Prepares for the Temple

    1 Kings 5

    One commentator notes that confidence in God’s promise propels us forward in service to the Lord’s kingdom. When we are convinced that the Lord will be true to His Word, we are strengthened to undertake even the most arduous of ...Read More

  • Stewarding Our Schedules

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  • The Glory of Solomon

    1 Kings 4:20–34

    At Christ’s return, the promise to Abraham will be finally and fully consummated. Until then, God continues to fulfill His pledge to the patriarch. Abraham’s true children—the church—are as numerous as the sand on the seashore, and their number continues ...Read More