• Israel Accepts Joshua’s Command

    Joshua 1:10–18

    God continues to lead His people through the work of undershepherds, church leaders who are accountable to the Lord to lead His people in godliness. We are to be subject to these leaders, following them as they guide us with ...Read More

  • Strength and Courage

    Joshua 1:6–9

    God exhorts His people to be strong and courageous as they carry out His mission, and one of the ways we grow in strength and courage is by believing and obeying His Word. When we do what God tells us ...Read More

  • Joshua Commissioned to Lead Israel

    Joshua 1:1–5

    If Joshua and the Israelites were not convinced that God would be with them, they would have been unable to obey Him and take the land. Similarly, if we are unconvinced that God is with us, we will not attempt ...Read More

  • The History of Israel

    Deuteronomy 4:31

    We may not always feel the Lord’s presence with us, especially when we are in sin. However, that does not mean God has left us. God has pledged never to leave or to utterly forsake His people, and our study ...Read More

  • Shepherding the Flock of God

    1 Peter 5:1–5

    While some pastors are guilty of being domineering over their flocks, most are humble servants of God who need our encouragement more than anything else. Words of encouragement to godly pastors are a great way we can support our leaders. ...Read More

  • Flee from Sexual Immorality

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  • Submission to Authority

    1 Peter 2:13–14

    That we must obey earthly authorities unless they command us to do something God forbids or forbid us to do something God commands is an easy principle to memorize but hard to apply. Before we disobey a lawful authority, we ...Read More

  • Living Stones in a Spiritual House

    1 Peter 2:4–8

    Many people want Christ but want nothing to do with His church. Yet, if we love Christ, we must love His church, and if we do not love His church, we do not love Him (1 John 4:21). One evidence ...Read More

  • A Hope Kept in Heaven

    1 Peter 1:4–5

    When we come to Christ, we are guaranteed an inheritance—eternal life. If we trust Him alone, nothing can take this inheritance away from us. At the same time, we wait for the day when we receive this inheritance in all ...Read More

  • The Apostle of Hope

    1 Peter 1:3

    Our Bible translations enable us to read God’s Word in our own languages so that we might grow in faith. Yet in reading these translations, we must take care that we understand what the biblical authors meant and that we ...Read More