Message 3, Holiness and Justice:

This Message is from the Conference The Holiness of God: 2000 Portland Conference.

About the Conference, The Holiness of God: 2000 Portland Conference

When Scripture calls God “holy,” it is speaking of everything that sets Him apart from us, including His acts of justice and mercy. How can we comprehend the holiness of God? What happens to us when we do? What about the holiness of Christ? And why is it that some of us merely are intrigued by God’s holiness while others, such as Isaiah, experience deep terror, awe and adoration? 

An appreciation of God’s holiness is absolutely essential to spiritual growth and reformation. In Ligonier Ministries’ 2000 Portland conference, “The Holiness of God,” R.C. Sproul studies the holiness of God for our own good and for His glory.