Message 14, Fuel for Missions and Fueled by Missions:

For the church to grow, the gospel must be taken to those who have not heard of Jesus Christ. The task of foreign missions was one of the key reasons why the Protestant Reformation expanded beyond the boundaries of western Europe. This work continues today. One of the most encouraging developments today is the growth of Christianity in the non-western world. Yet the need is still great both here and abroad. This session explains why the way forward in forging a new reformation is faithfulness to the Great Commission, looking at how believers are called to bring the gospel both to their own communities and to the nations.

Message Transcript

Praise God that give us the opportunity to reclaim again the powerful message of the gospel. In this conference, which I love so much, I see the pure motivation of everyone who speak and lift up Jesus Christ and His gospel. I am the farthest speaker. I come from Indonesia. Among all the speakers, I’m the only Asian speaker. When I speak in Mandarin, I am a lion.

When I am speaking in English, I become a cat. But if you go to preach in Mandarin or Indonesia, probably you become a rat. So forgive me if my broken English is not satisfying you, but please take note, the message is more important than the language, amen?

Today I am going to talk to you about ‘Fuel by the Mission.’ It’s all about the gospel of Jesus Christ. There was a president in India whose name is Radhakrishnan, and he was a philosopher. He say once that Christians are those people who are ordinary people but they think they have the extraordinary message to the world. I have thought of this sentence for many, many years. Finally, I come to a conclusion. He’s wrong.

We are not ordinary people that we think we have the extraordinary message to the world. We are ordinary people given by God the most extraordinary message in the world.

This world and the mankind will never have any news, any message, better than the message of we are sinners but God save all the sinners.

Paul say, “I am not ashamed of the gospel.” Gospel, what is gospel? Gospel is the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Other than these two pillars, there is no gospel, there is no good news. Good news is not in politic, in military, in weapons, in technology, in science, in anything else. The good news only in the substitution that’s of Jesus Christ to replace us and to take all the wrath of God, and save us and deliver us out from the power of Satan, death and sin. That is the biggest and the most important good news and the only good news in the whole history.

We are not ashamed of this. Why we are not ashamed? Because that is the deepest and the profoundest wisdom, and the glory of God, within the gospel. We praise God. If you truly understand the glory of God in the cross, you are a true Christian. If you never understand this, you may go out from the church, need not to call you a Christian. A Christian is a man who already experience the powerful deliverance of salvation in his own experience.

A Christian is the one who know why Christ die on the cross because He is replacing me to accept all the wrath and all the punishment of God which I, myself, deserve to be on that place. That is gospel. Only gospel is the hope of mankind. Only gospel that can transform us from living on this earth and be living in heaven forever and ever.

Yesterday I talk to you about the kingdom come, kingdom go, kingdom grow, kingdom collapse, all the history are repeating the same thing years through years, and that is what Napoleon Bonaparte spoke once in the Island of St. Helena. Hannibal, Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, until I, myself, we all built a great kingdom in this world, but they will pass away forever.

Only the one man was no weapon, no arrow, no cannon, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, He built His kingdom and His kingdom will never fail forever and ever, until the end of the world. We praise God.

This giant, Napoleon, tried to be the biggest military achievement in the world. He shouldn’t be called the Newer — oh, the Modern Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great never defeated, because his war and his achievement in war is based on his mercy on men. I am not creating slaves in my war. I am delivering the slaves from the tyrants.

That is the reason he is not afraid of the Persia, because Persia has 500 times more bigger power in military than Alexander, and by Alexander, I told you yesterday, he’s the only exception because God used him as a passive servant of God. By his preparation, the Greek language is going everywhere after his defeating others, and that is prior to the New Testament that was written in Greek in order to be spread all over the world.

We thank God for the preparation of God by using all kinds of tools, all kinds of enemies to be his passive servants, to prepare the coming of Jesus Christ in the history. We thank God for all this, but when Jesus Christ come to history and come to die for us, He, Himself, had already received the most tortured, the most difficult times and anything that human can bear in His life. Jesus was crucified and Jesus was also resurrected.

Who nailed Jesus to the cross? Military, politicians, and lawyers, and economies, and all the most important people in this secular world, they are all the enemies of Christ. If Jesus died and then He never resurrected, it means that there’s no hope for human beings, because military can kill the Son of God. Politician can kill the Son of God. All the human power can kill the Son of God. Only the resurrection to assure that our God is a living God.

Our God is a never defeated God. Our God is conqueror of everything because Jesus resurrected, and if we do not preach the resurrection of Christ, we do not preach the dying and resurrected Christ to replace man’s destiny, we are not the true and faithful follower of Jesus Christ.

You are in the richest continent in the world. I’m living in one of poorer continent in the world, but culturally, Asia is very important. I never invited. I was always invited to be the preacher in America. I never accept that. I know if God do not call me, I will not move my step for even one step, and that is the reason I keep living in Indonesia. I was not born in Indonesia.

I was born in China, the most populous country in the world, and just two months before communist took over China, my mother was guided by the Lord to move to Indonesia. She was a widow when she was 33. At that time, I was only three years old. After six years old — after six years, my mother be a widow then he thought God had guided her back to Indonesia, his birthplace, and I follow him — follow her, to Indonesia until now.

I never like to move to anywhere. I never seduce by any place. I never think any place better than God settled me in Indonesia, and I will make Indonesia better and better. I will make Indonesian people listen to the Word of God, and by preaching the gospel, I have nothing, I have no money, I have no degree, I have no anything which can be boasted by me. In my life, you see the picture of the big church even more seats than this church.

In upper, the main sanctuary and down there another second sanctuary, we can accommodate 6000 people, and last year and this year, when I give the lecture and the seminar on Christology, the first from 9 o’clock to 5 o’clock of the afternoon, we give the topic of Jesus Christ, the way, the truth, and the life. And the second Christological topic, Jesus Christ, the Priest, the Prophet and the King, and the third Christological topic is Christ the God, the man, and the Mediator.

In coming first of April, I’m going to preach to more than 6000 people again, Jesus Christ, He is the universal Christ, He’s the historical Christ, and He’s the Christ as the head of the church. We try to use a doctrine to revive the people in Asia. I believe that true revival comprises five things: The first is doctrinal revival, second is epistemological revival, and third is the ethical revival, and fourth is the ministerial revival, and fifth, most evangelical church that do not think and do not insist it’s important, that is a revival of make Christ be preeminent above all culture of the human being, and in education, in economy, in politics, in all field of culture, Christ must be the master, must be preeminent.

We praise God that — God put me there in Indonesia. Indonesia is a crossroad of all religions, and what I say, Asian is the only continent which produce all great religions. That is not even one great religion produce in Europe or in America. All the great religion from Judaism, from Christianity, and Muslims and also Buddhism, Indian, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism, all produce only in one country, and that is the reason Jesus say to Asian, “I am the way.”

When Asian is seeking way, “Jesus say I am the answer.” When European seeking epistemology, and is seeking about the logic, Jesus say “I am the truth, and your religious founder died in the way seeking for the way. Your philosophers died among the way when you are seeking for the truth. I am the life.” To conclude, no religion can bring you to God. No philosophy can bring you to God.

Only in my life. I give for you and I substitute you, I can bring you to heaven, to meet your God, to live together with Him forever and ever.” Jesus is the life, because He’s more than the way and the truth. The life from heaven, the bread of life from above that we should eat Him and we should follow Him. Praise God.

When Jesus come to the world, He didn’t use the Greek authority of philosophy to teach. He didn’t use the testament in old time of the Moses and all the Old Testament to be the axiom of the teaching to His disciples. Jesus never in accord with the Platonic, Aristotelian or Socratians teaching. He never go to all the Talmud, Midrash, and other teachings of the Jewish people, but he set up a new school. I call him the School of Galilee. We praise God and now in 2000 year’s time, we see the greatest influential human being is not from Greek, it’s not from Hebrew, but from Galilean school. He has His own innovation which is more than Greek, more than Hebrew.

These two pillars of the human civilization all the world, only bring us to the knowledge and to the wrong faith, but in Jesus Christ, we can have the true faith, true truths, true hope, true love, and also the true knowledge of God. We thank God. When Jesus was in the world, He called the people from Galiliee, not from Greek people, not from descendants or the students of the Plato, Aristotle, or Socrates, Zeno, Democritus and other Greek philosophers.

He didn’t teach us about all the tradition of the Hebrew people, but He give His own life, His own truth, to set the new path for us to go to heaven. Likewise, in the time of Geneva, when Calvin teach, he didn’t use the system of Cambridge, Paris, Bologna, Heidelberg, or other universities of Europe.

When Geneva settled down by Calvin, he used only the Bible to teach the people of his time to know God, and he changed the world. Now, when I ask you who is bigger influence in this world. Aristotle, Socrates, Confucius, Buddha or Jesus, we are sure only Jesus give the biggest influence to the human being, and His influence is all good, nothing bad, nothing evil, in compared with other religions, Christ is the only truth, the only wisdom, and the only love from God. We thank God for that.

So Paul said, “I am not ashamed of the gospel.” If your uncle was hung on the cross, or your son was shot to death, after your friends go to the electric chair — and can you say “Electric chair, electric chair, is always my glory.” No one will say that. “Shot to death, shot to death, is my glory.” No one can say that, only Christian, we are crazy people. Because we say “Cross, cross, is my glory forever and ever,” amen?

Praise God. This is the most ridiculous and most paradoxical truth in the Bible. The paradoxical truth in Jesus Christ, is the only hope who turn this world upside down in value, in concept, in everything. Jesus Christ and His cross becomes the glory of Christian faith. When Jesus was born in manger, He was born to the most humble, most poorest situation.

In that time, the angels say “Glory to God.” When Jesus say “Glorify your Son, oh Father, just as your Son had already glorified you!” Then the big sound comes from heaven, “I have glorified my name. I will glorify it again through you.” And what is the next glory? Next time when Jesus born, the glory to God in the highest. Another glory is the glory of the cross of Jesus Christ.

It is shameful, it is so low, so poor, so despised, rejected by man. No one ever on the cross. No one ever consider cross a glory, only Christians. When you truly understand the wisdom of God, is in the cross of Jesus Christ. The mercy of God is in the cross of Jesus Christ, and the righteousness of God is in the cross of Jesus Christ. The wrath of God is accepted in the cross of Christ, that you know the grace of God only comes out from the one who has been crucified.

Cross is the vacuum place of love in the universe. In the whole universe, there’s one point which is vacuum of love. No man’s love can come to the cross because when we come to cross, we bring our love to Jesus Christ. Our love is hindered by our sins. Our sins go first, and our sins crucify Christ, and our love cannot be on the cross. Cross is the only place where no love of God can come, because when God’s love comes to His only begotten Son, He say, “My God, my god, why have you forsaken me?”

Cross is the only place, the only vacuum place of love in the universe, and that is the reason cross become the original place of the true love forever and ever, because Jesus Christ accept all the wrath of God in His own body, who was hung on the cross, for you and for me, and that is the reason God made Christ the new source of love, the new source of grace forever and ever. Praise God.

I am not ashamed of the cross. I am not ashamed of the gospel because in gospel, I, myself, believe Jesus was naked when He was hung on the cross. They took His coat outside and took His also inside clothes. That is believed — I believe He was naked. He put into shame, the most shameful stages of human being in the history, is the Son of God when He was hung on the cross.

And when He say, “Father, forgive them,” He is not saying something that if you do not know about your sin, you are sinless, because if Jesus say, “Forgive them,” it means that you can forgive them only through my suffering. You only give them, forgive them, only because I die for them.

Socrates say a man commit sin because he does not know. It seems very similar to Jesus Christ saying on the cross, but difference is when Socrates says this sentence, probably he is now lying on his bed thinking speculative on his logic, but he never understand, what is the meaning of sin. Jesus say, sin against you, I pray to you, forgive, them because I died for them. This is a complete understanding, is very accurate understanding of what is sin, what is punishment and what is the substitution of the love of God, through Jesus, for forgive us.

And, in the fourth words, fourth sentence on the cross, Jesus say, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” And the first sentence, He said “Father.” The seventh sentence, He said “Father.” The middle one, fourth sentence, He said “God, why.” The first sentence and last sentence, He is doing the will of His Father who sent Him to be the Savior, to be the only mediator between God and man, so He say “My Father, forgive them.

My Father, I give my life in your hand.” He accomplish the saving grace, accomplish the planning of God to replace man. But in the fourth sentence, He didn’t say “Father.” He didn’t say “Father,” just like in the first sentence or in the final sentence.

He said “My God, my God.” He died in the situation and the status of a man who replace other men. He replaced us and He died. God cannot die. God is not able to die. Only man can die. But when He say “Father,” He is in the status of Son of God. When He say “Father, I give my life into your hand,” He’s talking in the status of God, the Son of God. But when He say “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” He is speaking these on behalf of man, and He is in the status of being a man. No other gospel besides Jesus Christ.

If you believe you accept any gospel different of the gospel of Jesus Christ preached by Paul, then you are sure not a Christian. That is the reason Paul say, I don’t care who tell you other gospel. Even he’s an angel, he’s still is lying to you. That must be cursed if you don’t believe only in Jesus and His crucifixion.

We praise for God, we have the jewel, we have the diamond, we have the most important treasure in the whole universe, the death of Jesus Christ becomes our hope, becomes our life, becomes our love to God. If you don’t love God, you must be cursed, and if you love God, God knows who is the one who truly love Him. Amen? Praise the Lord.

Because Jesus Christ crucified and resurrected for us, so we should truly encourage ourself to preach this. This is very ridiculous, very paradoxical, very unreasonable to be understood by human being, but all the wisdom of God is consisted in this paradoxical truth of the cross of Jesus Christ. Who can be a preacher? Who can proclaim the salvation of Jesus Christ as if he Himself ever experienced the power of Holy Spirit.

If a man never experienced the power of the gospel, he must not, he is not able to preach any word to introduce to Jesus Christ. And a man who has already experienced the power of the gospel, he need to study the gospel to know how profound, how deep, how rich, how abundant is the truth of God, and the wisdom of God which is hidden in the shameful cross of Jesus Christ.

So, first, experience the power in changing you, to informing you to be the Son of God. And after that you’ve truly learned, truly study about the cross, with your mind, with your heart, and you truly fall in love with the gospel, that you preach the gospel.

Secondly, you should epistemologically understand the depth of the truth of the cross.

Thirdly, you should be motivated by the power of Holy Spirit, because Holy Spirit is given to this earth to lift up Christ, to witness for the Christ, and He is the true testifier to recommend Christ to human being. If that is not the work of Holy Spirit, not even one man can call Jesus Lord.

In Roman Empire, there is a rule the emperor is the owner of all the citizens. The emperor is the lord of all Roman citizens. That is the reason when you say ‘Lord’ to Jehovah, they can forgive you, because they know it’s not easy to make the Jewish people turn away from their faith and their religion, and to call only Caesar as their lord. So, they try to make one country, two system. One country, two systems practiced by them is not original. It is a imitation of the Roman Empire.

Roman Empire first say, OK, for Jewish people, you can call Jehovah the ‘Lord,’ but for other people, other than Jewish people, anybody who call God — who call others as Lord, must be beheaded, but when Jesus Christ to be called ‘Lord’ by the Christians, then the constitution of Roman Empire changed. If you call Jesus ‘Lord,’ you must be beheaded.

That is the reason from the first to the fourth century. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Christians beheaded, burned on the stake. They die for Christ. They die for gospel because they know Jesus is the only Lord, not the Caesar, not the emperor of the Roman Empire.

Only Jesus Christ, the one who was born in the manger, was died on the cross, the most humble and the most tortured, the most suffering God, is the true Lord, true master of our life. We praise God, the most humble Jesus has changed the concept of value in the history. The most tortured Jesus has become the King of kings to replace all kings, more than anyone else, the first called king of kings in the history is Nebuchadnezzar.

And the final one who call himself the king of kings is Gaddafi, the crazy Gaddafi, that you know where he is now? He died like a dead dog. He dying so shameful, all the different way of the Satan and the Son of God. Satan try to lift up himself to ascend and ambitious to be replaced God, but finally, he was put down, cast out from the heaven and cast down on the earth. That is Satan.

Christ is so different. He humble Himself initiatively, and He was lift up, glorified passively. Everybody call himself a Christian. If you don’t understand the rules of these spiritual principles, you are vowed, and you are be forsaken. We praise God. Anyone who humble himself will be lift up by God. Anyone who lift up by himself will be humiliated by God. That is the rule in the Bible. Christ through His suffering, His humility, and His tortured, and also His die on the cross, He become resurrected.

He become ascended on heaven and He will be glorified forever and ever. This is the will of God, we praise God, this Christ is worth to worship. This Christ is worth to preached. And all over the world, need the message of crucified Christ and the resurrected Christ, because He is the only one who is worth it to be called the King of kings.

So, after you have been motivated by the Holy Spirit, you call Him Lord. You submit yourself to Him, and your whole life is owned by Him and controlled by Him, and also reigned by Him, that you are now His people, His soldier, and His representative to preach His gospel to the world. What is the true motivation of preachings of the gospel? The first, because to preach gospel, is the will of God. Calvin once said, nothing is greater than the will of God except God Himself. Only God who determined everything by setting His will on the whole world.

God had His will to create so they are creatures. God has His own will to redeem so they are the people of God. They have His planning to reveal that there will be the Bible and understanding of the Word of God. The creation, redemption and revelation, done by the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit. These all things happen on this earth make us understand who our God is.

Make us know He’s our Lord, He’s our Savior, He is the truth who reveal Himself to us. Praise God. So, Holy Spirit, let us understand the will of God, and the will of God is the first motivation to preach the gospel. Second motivation, why we preach gospel? Because if that is the commandment of Jesus Christ, go to the whole world, preach the gospel to the nations and teach them what I have taught you, and I will be with you until the end of the world.

In Bible, there’s two verses concerning God be with us. The first is in the time of Jesus’ birth. This is called Immanuel, God with us. The second is for people who truly go to preach the gospel and “I will be with you forever and ever more.” Birth of Jesus Christ, and the commandment of Christ assure God be with us.

We all like the word Immanuel. So many churches church is Immanuel. Immanuel, Immanuel, but I don’t think every church call them church is church. I don’t think every call him Immanuel experience the presence of God within them. There was one church when inauguration, there’s one sentence that pop-out piece, called “Jesus, only Jesus.”

After 10 years, the wind blow and some of the letters come down and finally the ‘J’ is no more, ‘E’ is no more, ‘S’ is no more, and it can be read as only ‘us.’ The first only Jesus finally only ‘us.’ Now a day in so many churches, you do not listen to the Word of God, you listen to the sound and the voice of money.

In all the churches, you do not listen to the sentences from Bible, you listen to the voice of man, of human being, of millionaire, of people who are so powerful in the church, but no more God reigning in the church. We should repent from that.

When I built this church, I say to the Lord, I’m not going to raise fund. And now, you see the big church, it’s one of the biggest in Asia, one of the biggest Reformed church in the world, and that church can accommodate 6,500 people. We never borrow one penny from bank. We never go to any millionaire to ask money. I just share. We need to build a church for people to worship.

Now, we come, commit yourself and write down how much money you have to give. You pray and you write down. Finally, after month and month and month, building two years, we finish all the building and after finish, I ask the committee, how much money still we want. They say to me, “No money we want.” All had been paid. The big church like that, no fundraising. In all my life, I have never fundraising. I have never asked money, I never reached to a real billionaire or rich people, “Please help me.”

I have a program like this. No! My mouth had been committed to preach only the gospel. My mouth is not assisting to ask money from any people. Praise the Lord, even this time, I say this is a big opportunity for Asian people to work together with the American people, so I come. I do not want to reimburse my ticket. I do not want to accept any honorarium. I come here for the Lord, not for anything else. Praise God.

And you know — may I ask, Dr. Jia Len to write a check of $5,000 dollars as a contribution from our church in Jakarta to contribute to this conference which is so great and so lovely. I only make this decision in this morning. I love the conference. I love all the speakers. I love every message spoken from this pulpit.

In all the Word of God being lifted up, the glory of Jesus Christ and His gospel being glorified. We praise God. May God bless us, so I continue the third motivation is by the constraint of Holy Spirit. Constrained by the Holy Spirit. Constrained by the love of Christ, so we cannot stop there. We cannot stop and do not preach the gospel. To preach gospel is not to preach to our children. To preach gospel, to preach to the unreached people, that is the reason I was located by God in Asia, in the continent which is so proud.

Asia produce the highest degree of the civilization. Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism, all this complete and very, very, very perfect system of the civilization cause people there to be so arrogant, so proud, and they are not easy to submit themselves to the crucified Christ, and that is the reason I was put there in Asia. I think my challenge is more than Martin Luther.

Martin Luther only face Catholic.

I have to face — I’m not joking. I have to face communism. I have to face atheism, I have to face existentialism, I have to face all the ideology after the so-called ‘enlightenment’ before Reformation, there was Renaissance. After Reformation, there was Enlightenment.

And Reformation, is just like the most important part in the sandwich, and Reformation is only several decades of years, and face the radicalism and face also the protest of the Catholicism, but that is 500 years ago. Now, in Asia, we are facing the monsters of Mohammadism, monsters of communism, monsters of secularism, monsters of American consumerism. You are invading us.

Consumerism, that is terrible. People, they have their church. Where is your church located? Shopping mall. They have their god; that is money. They have their entertainment, that is Hollywood. They have every kind of thing now invading in Asia.

In Asia, I’m living in the most populous Mohammad in the world. In Indonesia alone, more than 210 million of Muslims. Christians only eight percent, and Catholics together about twelve percent of the total population in the biggest country of Muslim inhabitants, I build the bigger church in Asia. Praise God.

When I lift up the cross on top of the church, it is 66 meters high. Why? Because Bible is 66 volume.

And I put sola Scriptura, sola fide, sola gratia, solus Christus, and soli deo gloria on top of the building. Everybody who go there they can see, they can read the five slogans of the Reformation. We are not commemorating 500 years, but we put all the principles of the Reformed theology on top of our building, and in the middle, there’s Christ, the highest point of the whole church.

Besides Christ, six and six twelve pillars indicates twelve apostles, and besides twelve apostles, four fortress tower, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, to indicate we preached four gospels content to the world. By 12 pillars as Christ built His church through His disciples, and then the other side of the church we have another 12 pillars indicates the twelve most important prophets in Old Testament and another four fortress tower that is Calvin, Martin Luther, and also Abraham and Moses.

Now we give this building to this world, to this generation that people understand whom are we believing. What are we believing? We believe the Apostles Creed. We believe the whole Bible. We believe the teaching of Jesus Christ. On the middle gothic’s ship of the tower, there is a first point, I call it as the creation point, and the cross, the center point, is the redemption point, and alpha and omega, there is one point called the consummation point, from the creation, redemption, until the consummation that is only done by Trinity, our only God, praise the Lord.

God is the one who create. Jesus is the one who redeem us and Holy Spirit is the one who reveal all this to us, and we know all the truth only through the revelations of God in the Bible.

When the Holy Spirit motivate us, we preach the gospel. They will preach the gospel only by money. I am so strange to see the mission in the western world. If you don’t have money, you never send your missionary outward, but Jesus never give one penny to buy American ticket — American airline’s ticket. John, you go to this place. Peter, you go to that place. Andrew, you go to Egypt, and Thomas, you go to India. No ticket, no money, no anything to support their mission that is Jesus. Nowaday very different.

A man who want to join to be the missionary of one church in America, I do not tell you what church. I ask him how much money you should raise every month in order to be qualified to be sent as a missionary. He said I should raise up $11,000 every month. $11,000 to the church, and church give me privilege to be missionary to go to China.

I say “How much money they pay you?” He answer me, “They pay me $3,000.” And you raise up $11,000 for the American church and American church give you $3,000 to go to China. May I ask you, who is feeding who? Are you feeding the church or the church feeding you? He said “I’m confused.”

If he is confused, I am almost confused by him. I don’t understand. What are we doing now in the day of Jesus Christ? No money, no support, no military power, no more political status, nothing in backing them. The only thing is the power of Holy Spirit, the fire of Holy Spirit, it will change the world. So today, we should be filled, not by money, but by the power of Holy Spirit.

Since my 17 years old, when I was 17, at that time, it was two years after I pray to God, “If you are true God, please save me. Deliver me out from the ideology of communism, of atheism, of evolutionism, of dialectical materialism.” When I was young, I suppose to be one of the most intelligent young man in my age at that time. And I tried to get away from the Bible, get away from the church even though I know my mother is one of the most godly person in the world.

She becomes a widow when I was a three years old. With eight children, she raise up by work very hard from early morning 6 o’clock until 8 o’clock afternoon. No husband, no support, no social welfare. Do everything to raise up eight children in the time of Shinto Japanese war. Who can understand? No insurance, no money, no support, no relative can help us, only depend on God.

She cry and say “God, you are the Father of the orphanage, and you are the defender of a widow. Now, I come to you, I commit all my children to you. They are yours. You entrust them to me. I am going to grow them up by only depending on your power.” Praise God. When my mother was old and she see for her eyes truly the kindness of God.

Among seven brothers of my family, five become preachers.

I am only one among five to serve the Lord full time and I serve God since 17 years, first time preaching until now, 77 years old. I have been preaching for 60 years and more. Praise the Lord.

My God is true God. My God is a living God. My God is faithful God. I am not talking only the God of American, God of the universe, God of Asian people, God of the people in China, in Indonesia. So many people never know God, but I know God. I experience God. My God is truly honest and truly providing everything for those who believe in Him. I am not ashamed of the gospel.

I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ because that is the dynamic from God, the dynamo from God in gospel is the power to save for those who believe in God. We should believe this with all our hearts, with all our mind, all our strength, all our nature, and to say to God, let the living gospel become living again in our generation. Let the fire of the Spirit burn again in our hearts.

One of the most important sentence spoken by Martin Luther who inflame me and who burn in my heart is the center. It says like this. Martin Luther say I never work better than when I was inspired by the holy anger of God. Well, I was so amazed. I was so amazed by this sentence.

Finally, I think it over and over, and I should say yes, that is truly absolutely right. I am also never work better than when I was inspired by the holy anger of God. In Psalm 90, who knows Your anger. Who knows the Lord, that You are anger. You are the God of righteousness. Who knows about your holiness, that one would really understand the holiness of God, understand the holy anger of God, he can be used by God with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Now, a church is always coming to the comfort zone and we enjoy our life with our consumer, with our money, with our richness but we should remember a lot of Christians, our brothers, they are in the fire, in the torture, in the persecution, in Iraq, in Syria, among people who are in the place of ISIS, they are tortured in India, in Hindu, in Bangladesh, so many Christians, our brothers, they are in their troubles. We, American people, we are too comfort and we have too free. We have everything can be enjoyed the best in the world, but do not forget, for me, all mankind, is my same kind.

All Christians are my brothers. All Christians my friends. All evangelicals are my brothers. All Reformed people are my comrades, and I divide all people into four classes, not four classes in Indian society. The four classes, my same kind, I pray for them, I preach to them, I hope and expect them come to receive Jesus Christ, but after they become Christians, I know all Christians are my friends. My friends, not yet my brother, except they receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, truly redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Truly purchased by the blood shed on the cross of Jesus Christ, that I call them brother but when they understand the sovereignty of God, they understand the predestination of God, they understand the grace of God then I call them Reformed brothers, they are my comrade and I’m so glad I’m now preaching among my comrades. I’m preaching among my brothers, and you are all my brothers.

I praise God for that. I want to tell you, and I want to urge you. I want to remind you, return to the Calvary. Return to the place where Jesus was cross. If cross is not coming here, we go to cross, or ask God to put the cross and the dying of Jesus Christ as the driving power, a driving motivation for us to preach the gospel, that we say Jesus, yes, I’m yours. Praise God. I still have about six minute to go. I will tell you some of my experience.

When I was 17, I tell God, answer all my question. Deliver me out from all the human ideology which is so opposing you and your Word, and God answer me. If you answer my kind of question, I will go to all over the world to answer all the questions of people. I have been visiting 132 cities in United States alone. More than your president. But I tell you, I never go to visit any famous people, rich people. Not even one.

Even though I’m Reformed, I never come to any place to see the famous people. Why Westminister give me a doctorate I don’t know until now, but that is my initiative. They want me to come to accept the honorary doctorate of divinity. I come just because I think it is better to be known as the Reformed people not only serve proclamation. And then, Westminister come by their initiative, not by mine, come to Jakarta to have a MoU with my seminary, and then Vrije University Amsterdam, by their own initiative, they come to have MoU with my seminary, and Aberdeen University come by their initiative to have MoU with my seminary, and also another Kampen University in Netherland by their own initiative, they come to have a MoU with us.

I never took initiative to see, to meet, and to ask anything from the world. I never ask money. I never ask degree. I never ask any glory. I never ask any honor. I just leave my hand in the hand of God. I lay my life in the hand of God, and for 17 years old, first time, God gave me, and I become a preacher and then in Netherland, in other place, and a have years ago, I visited eight most famous university in United States, including U.C. Berkeley, and Stanford and also Columbia, MIT, Harvard, to answer all the questions of the intellectuals, to let them have the true faith, and the very good foundation in the Bible.

Now, I am old, I still going everywhere. If somebody say you should come, I pray. The peace of God is my hope. I go to preach gospel, because I am not mine. I am in the hand of God. I am His forever and ever. May the fire of Holy Spirit once again to burn us and to make us on fire to preach gospel and American people, especially Reformed people, you should go to preach the unreached people, not only to your children, because they have been given the grace to be born in a Christian family. But those who Muslims, who Confucianism, communist, atheist, who Hinduist, who never known about Jesus Christ.

Am I preaching to the millions of people in Indonesia, I say Mohammad never die for Muslims. Confucius never die for Asian or for Chinese. And also, Taoist, never die for the Taoists. All the religious founders, all the philosophers of the ideology of the human being, they only live for their own struggle. Only Jesus is the one that died for all the men in the world, that you can come to Him and believe Him. I am not ashamed of the gospel because in the gospel, is the power of God to save everybody who believe in Him.

May Glory be to God forever and ever. Amen. Thank you.

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