Message 7, Questions & Answers #2:

Robert Godfrey, Albert Mohler, and Burk Parsons answer questions about being a Christian in a post-Christian culture.

Video Outline:

00:00-03:32  Even though America’s foundations are not the Lord’s, wouldn’t the fall of America make the proclamation of the Gospel more difficult?

03:32-06:36  Is there a time in which believers should flee from a wicked environment in a church?

06:36-10:53  Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven…?

10:53-16:00  Is Glenn Beck practicing a form of syncretism?

16:00-20:01  Should Christians start home churches that are unaffiliated and without seminary training?

20:01-27:03  Are moderate Muslims apostate to what the Koran would teach?

27:03-33:26  Is the evangelical church healthy?

33:26-42:00  Does eschatology affect our culture?

42:00-50:18  Does eschatology affect our views of Israel?

50:18-51:39  When God is finished redeeming His creation, what people will make up the Kingdom of God?

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