Made in the Image of God

What gives value to human life? This resource collection will help you understand what it means to be created in God’s image and how this truth influences your relationship to Him and everyone around you.

  • Made in the Image of God Conference with Various Teachers

    The reality that we have been created in God’s image has radical implications for the Christian life, especially in the unprecedented days in which we live. As Christians, we need God’s Word to give us strength, for in the days to come the church will have even greater opportunities to proclaim the holiness of God in all its fullness. On March 19, 2020, we hosted a special live online event to consider what it means to be made in God’s image. H.B. Charles Jr., Sinclair Ferguson, W. Robert Godfrey, Steven Lawson, John MacArthur, Stephen Nichols, Burk Parsons, Michael Reeves, and … View Resource

  • Abortion Teaching Series with R.C. Sproul

    Are you pro-life or pro-choice? Few questions have divided America as deeply or as emotionally as this one. Abortion is such a deeply divisive issue because fundamental moral issues are at stake. In this series, Dr. Sproul moves beyond the shouting matches in order to examine the issue calmly and rationally. With clarity and compassion, he explains why abortion is a violation of God’s purposes for His creation. “Like no other contemporary issue, abortion raises fundamental questions of law, philosophy, religion, and justice. R.C. Sproul’s series navigates this complicated terrain with style and a deep commitment to examine objectively the … View Resource

  • The Least of These Video Message by Sinclair Ferguson

    The darkness of this present age is particularly clear in the low view of life that classifies the weak as unfit and not worth preserving. Yet the light of God’s truth tells us that life is precious in the Lord’s sight and that those who are weak, overlooked, or who have no voice in our society are the special objects of His concern. Dr. Ferguson considers our Creator’s high view of life, calling upon Him to restore us to a right view of life in the church and culture, and describing how Christians should help and protect those weaker than … View Resource

  • The Sanctity of Life Audio Message by Albert Mohler

    Scripture tells us that children are a blessing from the Lord. Unfortunately, our culture often doesn’t see it that way. In this session, Dr. Albert Mohler considers the sanctity of human life, especially the lives of the unborn. View Resource

  • What is the biblical basis for human dignity? Question and Answer

    As a Christian I do not believe that human beings have intrinsic dignity. I am totally committed to the idea that human beings have dignity, but the question is, is it intrinsic or extrinsic? Dignity, by biblical definition, is tied to the biblical concept of glory. God’s glory, His weightiness, His importance, His significance, is what the Bible uses to describe the fountainhead of all dignity. And only God has eternal value and intrinsic (that is, in and of Himself) significance. I am a creature—I come from the dust. The dust isn’t all that significant, but I become significant when … View Resource

  • Understanding Personhood Article by W. Robert Godfrey

    FROM TABLETALK | April 2013

    We live in a world where there is much cruelty and violence. Whether we watch local or international news on television, we hear of countless instances of intimidation, injustice, thefts, beatings, murders, and wars. In some places, violence seems to be a way of life; elsewhere, it seems to explode unexpectedly in apparently peaceful places. How do we account for this violence? Many today claim that violence does not really arise from the human heart, but it is the result of external social conditions. If we can make the social environment better, it is said, the essential goodness of man … View Resource

  • Imago Dei Article by Mark Ross

    FROM TABLETALK | April 2013

    The opening chapter of our Bible is a thrilling story of creation and formation, laying the foundation for all that follows. We are told that “in the beginning” our home in the universe, the earth, was formless and void, covered in water and shrouded in darkness, while the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters (v. 2). As the days of creation unfolded, God gave form to the earth and filled it. He separated the day from the night, the waters above from the waters below, and the dry land from the waters below. God filled these realms by … View Resource

  • Abortion Article by Randy Alcorn

    FROM TABLETALK | April 2013

    Some “pro-choice” advocates claim to base their beliefs on the Bible. They maintain that Scripture does not prohibit abortion. They are wrong. The Bible does, in fact, emphatically prohibit the killing of innocent people (Ex. 20:13) and clearly considers the unborn to be human beings worthy of protection (21:22–25). Job graphically described the way God created him before he was born (Job 10:8–12). That which was in his mother’s womb was not something that might become Job, but someone who was Job—the same man, only younger. To the prophet Isaiah, God says, “Thus says the Lord who made … View Resource

  • The Voice of the Church Article by R.C. Sproul

    FROM TABLETALK | April 2013

    When Planned Parenthood adopted a strategy to win the debate on abortion and establish the legal right for women to have abortions on demand, it asked a strategic question: “From where will our strongest opposition come?” The organization anticipated that opposition would come most fiercely from the Roman Catholic Church. In order to offset the impact of the Roman community, Planned Parenthood adopted a strategy to encourage Protestant churches to support a woman’s right to abortion on demand. It encouraged the use of the mantras “A woman’s right to choose” and “A woman’s right over her own body.” A further … View Resource

  • The Image of God Devotional

    Genesis 9:6

    Sin did not destroy the image of God in man. Today’s passage tells us that even after the fall, mankind is still made imago Dei. All people still reflect, in some way, the dignity of the Lord, no matter how we have marred His image. Thus, our treatment of others reveals what we think of our Creator. If you have been cruel to another, go apologize and remember that if you are cruel to His image, you are sinning against God (James 3:7–10). View Resource

  • The Sanctity of Life Devotional

    Psalm 139:13–14

    Some of the women reading this study today may have had an abortion. If so, know that you have been forgiven if you have repented and trusted in Christ alone. As Christians, we are called to uphold the duty to nurture the unborn. We can do this by lobbying our politicians for laws that protect the unborn and by providing for those who think abortion is their only option. Consider giving to a local crisis pregnancy center seeking to prevent abortions. View Resource