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  • A Man Who Loved Riches Devotional

    Matthew 19:16–22

    Even though not every Christian is called to sell all his possessions, one commentator has helpfully noted that those who find comfort that this call is not universal are precisely those to whom Jesus would issue it! As citizens of the wealthiest culture to ever appear on the planet, we Westerners must be perpetually careful that our standard of living is not our idol. What comforts would Jesus have you surrender for the sake of His kingdom? View Resource

  • Domesticating Jesus Devotional

    Luke 4:16–30

    The Christian faith does not believe in an ethereal kind of salvation that only encompasses a world we cannot see. Instead, because God created everything good and because He purposes to redeem His creation, we know that the final redemption He brings will encompass all things. We are therefore concerned to be good stewards of the earth, not because we worship nature, but because they are gifts of God that will one day be restored to their fullness. View Resource

  • Godliness and Contentment Devotional

    1 Timothy 6:6-8

    One commentator says, “Godliness is not about acquiring better and more material things; it is instead an active life of faith, a living out of covenant faithfulness in relation to God, that finds sufficiency and contentment in Christ alone whatever one’s outward circumstances might be.” One way we can measure our godliness is to see if we are content with our lives. If we are discontent, we still have much to learn about the meaning of godliness. View Resource

  • Our Great and Glorious God Devotional

    1 Timothy 6:15-16

    Beauty is around us everywhere, seen in the handiwork of God in nature and in the works of the artists whom He has gifted in His common grace. But while all of these things are beautiful, they pale in comparison to the loveliness of the Creator Himself. All of the travails of this life and the sacrifices that we make to serve the Lord will be more than worth it when on that day we gaze upon His beauty. View Resource

  • Adoption in Christ Jesus Devotional

    Galatians 4:4–5

    Augustine comments on the differences between us and Jesus: “We are sons of God through his generosity and the condescension of his mercy, whereas he is Son by nature, sharing the same divinity with the Father” (Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, NT vol. 8, p. 54). We who trust in Christ alone have the right to be called children of God (John 1:12); thus, we can count on His loving provisions and discipline to make us holy. View Resource