• Baptism

    Who should be baptized, and how should we baptize them? This resource collection will present you with the significance of Christian baptism and views of how to correctly administer it. View Collection

  • Can I Know That I Am Saved?

    It is possible to know you are saved. The resources in this collection prepare you to evaluate the evidence of salvation and show you how to approach doubt and the loss of assurance. View Collection

  • Difficult Questions

    We all bring questions to the Bible, and Scripture is sufficient to give us a correct understanding of God, His ways, and the world He has made. This resource collection answers many of your questions about Christianity, laying a foundation … View Collection

  • The English Reformation

    From the Bible’s translation into English to the rise of the Puritans, the history of Protestantism in England significantly impacts our faith today. This resource collection helps you to discover the people and places of the English Reformation. View Collection

  • Essential R.C. Sproul

    R.C. Sproul dedicated his life to explaining complex truths in a clear and winsome way. This resource collection offers you classic teaching from Dr. Sproul on the holiness of God and the truth of His Word. View Collection

  • God’s Law and God’s Gospel

    Since Christians are saved by grace, how should we relate to the law of God? This resource collection helps you to understand the important relationship between the law and the gospel in the Christian life. View Collection

  • The Holiness of God

    God is holy, and His majestic perfection instills us with both fascination and fear. This resource collection introduces you to the character of God, illustrating how knowledge of His holiness affects every aspect of your life. View Collection

  • The Holy Spirit

    Who is the Holy Spirit? What is His relationship to God the Father and Jesus Christ? Do all Christians have the Holy Spirit? This resource collection sets out to acquaint you with the character and work of the third person … View Collection

  • How Can I Know the Truth?

    Is truth relative, or is there such thing as objective truth? This resource collection helps you understand the nature of truth and points you to the source of all truth. View Collection

  • Made in the Image of God

    What gives value to human life? This resource collection will help you understand what it means to be created in God’s image and how this truth influences your relationship to Him and everyone around you. View Collection

  • New to Reformed Theology

    Reformed theology is nothing other than biblical Christianity. This resource collection shows you how the Christian faith is centered on God’s grace, based in His Word, committed to the saving work of His Son, and devoted to His glory. View Collection

  • The Synod of Dort

    Where do the five points of Calvinism come from? This resource collection introduces you to the Synod of Dort, an international gathering of seventeenth-century scholars and pastors to defend the church against the errors of Arminianism. View Collection

  • What Do Christians Believe?

    What does the Bible teach? What is the Christian life all about? This resource collection will help you grasp the essential truths of the Christian faith. View Collection

  • What Is the Bible?

    The Bible is the Word of God. But what exactly does that mean? This resource collection shows you what sets Scripture apart from all other writings: it is the authoritative, inerrant revelation of God Himself. View Collection