Why a Reformed Bible College at Ligonier?: Because This Is No Time for Christians to Be Fainthearted or Weak-Minded

from Apr 14, 2010 Category: Ligonier Academy

Like any new ministry, the public introduction of the Undergraduate Studies division of Ligonier Academy requires a clear rationale for its existence. The need for a distinctly Reformed Bible college crystallizes in our hearts and minds as we understand the times in which we live.

Our era is characterized by national and global attacks on the historic Christian faith and on the Christian moral vision for civilization. As relativism and postmodernism have been on the ascent, the idea of absolute truth has nearly disappeared. Multiculturalism and egalitarianism have borne fruit in attacks on the idea of moral absolutes for society and culture. Scorn for the practice of sound reason has risen as irrationalism – not to mention irrationality – and mysticism have gained traction. Disdain for history has accompanied infatuation with the modern. Overall, as secularization and anti-Christian religions hinder and harm the church from without, leaders within the church reject or compromise teaching by which the church has been historically defined. This is no time for Christians to be fainthearted or weak-minded.

The Undergraduate Program of Ligonier Academy of Biblical and Theological Studies draws on the study center heritage of Ligonier Ministries to establish a community of higher education dedicated to in-depth instruction in the historic Christian faith of our Reformed forebears. Our vision is to provide a place where our children and the generations that follow are equipped with the academic and theological foundation to live out the gospel and engage in vocations that glorify God and foster continual reformation within the church and the world.

To download a brochure, a catalog, and an application for the Undergraduate offerings at Ligonier Academy, visit www.ligonieracademy.org today.