Why a Reformed Bible College at Ligonier?: Because Ignorance of God Has Devastating Consequences

from Apr 21, 2010 Category: Ligonier Academy

The public introduction of the Undergraduate Studies division of Ligonier Academy requires a clear rationale for its existence. The rationale for a Reformed Bible college at Ligonier Academy is simple and direct: we desire to heed the prophet Hosea’s call to contend against the ignorance of God and to contend for the knowledge of God.

Ignorance of God has its consequences, not only for God’s world but also for God’s people and their children. The prophet Hosea proclaimed these consequences to Israel of old, and through him, the Spirit of God proclaims it to us: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge … And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children” (Hosea 4:6). Ignorance of God is, in the words of Matthew Henry, the mother of destruction and ruin, not only for us who are parents and grandparents, but also for our children and grandchildren, that is, for succeeding generations of God’s people.

We Christians with families must recognize the challenges we face and meet them, or we will only continue to reap the consequences. The prophet Hosea’s message is clear: each generation of Christ’s church must act both to preserve and to pass on our Christian faith and moral vision. Christian education is key, from our families and churches to our colleges and seminaries. The problems we face have not occurred in isolation; the remedies we need will not come in an instant. If ignorance of God is the mother of destruction and ruin, knowledge of God is the mother of devotion and reformation. To see a reversal of the declension that surrounds us, we need to refurbish and strengthen all of the links in the chain of Christian education: families, churches, elementary and secondary schools, undergraduate institutions, and seminaries.

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