The Magic Bullet

from Dec 17, 2010 Category: Tabletalk Magazine

In his contribution to this month’s issue of Tabletalk, Sebastian Heck, pastor of the Selbständige Evangelish-Reformierte Kirche in Heidelberg, Germany, writes as a German national living in Germany. This gives him a unique perspective on the trials facing the church in his nation and across his continent.

Today, we are faced with the challenging combination of an aggressive ‘New Atheism,’ constant Muslim immigration, negative population growth, and a dwindling Christian presence. In Germany, Italy, and Ireland, evangelical believers comprise at most one percent of the population. In countries such as France, Spain, Austria, and Poland, the percentage is even lower.”

‘How can the church possibly survive?’ people in Europe are asking. ‘Is there any hope for us?’ While it might be tempting to cave in, throw hands up in the air, and abandon the sinking ship, this is simply not an option. God still has His people there.”

Where many people are looking for a magic bullet solution that involves pragmatism or progressivism, Heck draws the Christian’s heart back to the basics. Read where he finds hope in The Magic Bullet.