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  • What’s the Greatest Ecclesiastical Threat Facing the Church Today?

    from Michael Horton Nov 10, 2012 Category: Articles

    No one has to be convinced that evangelicalism has about the lowest ecclesiology since the Quakers. It is an ecclesiology based on the individual's decision for Christ, rather than God, from eternity past, making a blueprint for the church and executing it in His Son by His Spirit. Keep Reading
  • What’s One of the Greatest Doctrinal Threats Facing the Church?

    from Michael Horton Nov 03, 2012 Category: Articles

    I really do believe we are facing the same doctrinal crises that the Reformers faced, only in some respects it's worse because Rome never questioned the authority of Scripture or the inerrancy of Scripture. Keep Reading
  • Semper Reformanda

    from Michael Horton Oct 16, 2009 Category: Tabletalk Magazine

    If you've been in Protestant circles for very long, whether conservative or liberal, you may have heard the phrase "reformed and always reforming" or sometimes just "always reforming." I hear it a lot these days, especially from friends who want our Reformed churches to be more open to moving beyond the faith and practice that is confessed in our doctrinal standards. Even in Reformed circles of late, various movements have arisen that challenge these standards. Keep Reading