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  • TrueU: Is the Bible Reliable? DVD Set

    from Keith Mathison May 30, 2011 Category: Book Reviews

    In 2009, Focus on the Family produced the TrueU: Does God Exist DVD set with Dr. Stephen C. Meyer of the Discovery Institute. In this first series of ten lectures, Dr. Meyer examined the abundant evidence in nature for the existence of God. In this second series of lectures, Dr. Meyer examines the claims of the Bible to be the revelation of the God, whose existence is clearly revealed in nature. Keep Reading
  • Upcoming D.Min. Courses at Ligonier Academy

    from Keith Mathison May 18, 2011 Category: Ligonier Academy

    This coming January, Dr. Ron Gleason, author of a new biography on the great Dutch theologian Herman Bavinck, will be joining us to teach the Reformed Philosophy of Ministry class, and Ligonier Teaching Fellow, Dr. Sinclair Ferguson, will be returning to teach our class on Worship. In the Summer of 2012, Dr. Robert Letham will be joining us to teach a class on the doctrine of the Trinity, and Dr. Mark Ross will be joining us again to teach our course on pastoral care. Keep Reading
  • 2011 Ligonier National Conference - Session 12 (Robert Godfrey)

    from Keith Mathison Mar 26, 2011 Category: Events

    The conference continued today with a message by Ligonier teaching fellow Dr. Robert Godfrey on the topic “Pleasing God.” Dr. Godfrey explained that when he saw his message title, his first though was “Can we please God?” He reminded us that Scripture says God is pleased with His people. It’s amazing that as powerfully as Scripture speaks about the continuing sinfulness of even the regenerated, it also speaks about how God does delight in His people. How can both be true at the same time? Keep Reading
  • 2011 Ligonier National Conference - Session 6 (R.C. Sproul Jr.)

    from Keith Mathison Mar 25, 2011 Category: Events

    Ligonier Ministries’ 2011 National Conference continued Friday morning with R.C. Sproul, Jr. speaking on the sovereignty of God. In a lecture titled “Almighty Over All,” Dr. Sproul focused on the question of God’s sovereignty and the reality of suffering. Keep Reading