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  • You Can Send More Teaching to More People in 2019

    from Chris Larson Dec 26, 2018 Category: Ministry News

    As Christians, we come to our Father knowing that He has provided for us. He is generous and intends good for His people. The grace of God in Jesus Christ provides all we need to bear with this world’s troubles and our failures.   Keep Reading
  • God Used R.C. Sproul and Continues to Do so Today

    from Chris Larson Dec 13, 2018 Category: Ministry News

    God used R.C. Sproul and continues to do so today. R.C.’s teaching is timeless because it centered on the proclamation of God’s unchanging character as revealed in the Bible. Ligonier began as—and continues to be—a fellowship of gifted Bible teachers seeking to serve every age and every stage of the Christian life. Keep Reading
  • You’re a Vital Part of World-Changing Work. Thank You.

    from Chris Larson Nov 15, 2018 Category: Ministry News

    With thanksgiving to God for His sovereign mercy, I can report that more people than ever are seeking clear biblical and theological teaching through Ligonier Ministries.   Keep Reading
  • A Vital Mission

    from Chris Larson Apr 09, 2018 Category: Ministry News

    These are tender days for Ligonier Ministries as we step forward without our beloved founder, Dr. R.C. Sproul. He has prepared us well, wisely and generously planning for the day when he would no longer be at the helm, and he worked with the board and ministry team toward this transition for almost fifteen years. That said, we depend on your prayers and the Lord’s blessing for us to walk faithfully and fruitfully in the years to come.   Keep Reading
  • Support the Launch of Renewing Your Mind in Spanish

    from Chris Larson Mar 26, 2018 Category: Ministry News

    After many months of planning, a new advance in Ligonier’s broadcasting outreach is here. Ligonier Ministries is launching Renovando Tu Mente, the Spanish language version of Renewing Your Mind, this month. Keep Reading
  • Planning for the Future

    from Chris Larson Jun 08, 2017 Category: Ministry News

    Dr. R.C. Sproul founded Ligonier Ministries in 1971 as a teaching fellowship designed to flood the culture with knowledgeable and articulate Christians. He always intended this ministry to be about the glory of God above all. Through the work of many pastors, theologians, and teachers, Ligonier has steadfastly served Christian disciples through broadcasting, publishing, conferences, and other unique educational outreaches in North America and around the world. Keep Reading
  • Welcoming Rev. Burk Parsons as Our Newest Teaching Fellow

    from Chris Larson Mar 09, 2017 Category: Ministry News

    Earlier today at the National Conference we announced the newest teaching fellow for Ligonier Ministries, Rev. Burk Parsons. A longtime co-laborer in ministry with Dr. Sproul both at Saint Andrew’s Chapel and Ligonier, and having recently sustained his doctor of ministry examination, Rev. Parsons joins the small but trusted team of pastors, theologians, and historians who will continue to guide this ministry into the future. Keep Reading
  • Ministry Update: Moving Forward into 2017

    from Chris Larson Dec 26, 2016 Category: Ministry News

    Did you know that sharing a Renewing Your Mind broadcast, giving a Reformation Study Bible or issue of Tabletalk, or attending one of our events could be considered an act of cultural subversion? Keep Reading