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  • Ligonier National Conference - D.A. Carson

    from Alex Chediak Mar 20, 2009 Category: Articles

    Donald A. Carson is research professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Ill. He is a widely sought-after conference speaker and teacher, and he is known in the church for his excellence in scholarship and passion for the biblical Gospel. Dr. Carson has authored more than forty-five books including The Gagging of God, Scripture and Truth, and the commentary on Matthew in the Expositors' Biblical Commentary series. Keep Reading
  • Ligonier National Conference - Q&A Session I

    from Alex Chediak Mar 19, 2009 Category: Articles

    The panel consisted of Steve Lawson, Ligon Duncan, Albert Mohler, and Sinclair Ferguson.  John Duncan asked the questions. Keep Reading
  • Ligonier National Conference - Steven Lawson

    from Alex Chediak Mar 19, 2009 Category: Events

    Steven J. Lawson is the senior pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, Ala., and serves on the ministerial board for Reformed Theological Seminary and the board of directors for the Master's College and Seminary. Dr. Lawson has also authored many books including Famine in the Land, Foundations of Grace, and The Expository Genius of John Calvin. Keep Reading
  • Ligonier National Conference - Ligon Duncan

    from Alex Chediak Mar 19, 2009 Category: Articles

    J. Ligon Duncan III is the senior minister of First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Miss., and adjunct professor of theology at Reformed Theological Seminary. He is the president of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and chairman of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Dr. Duncan has written, edited, and contributed to several books including Preaching the Cross, Women's Ministry in the Local Church, and Should We Leave Our Churches?, and Fear Not! Keep Reading
  • Ligonier West Coast Conference - John MacArthur - II

    from Alex Chediak Sep 27, 2008 Category: Articles

    After singing six verses of The Church's One Foundation, Dr. John MacArthur gave a message on the question Is Jesus the Only Way?  John noted that, in our day, the exclusivity of Jesus Christ is not an obvious truth for many professing evangelicals.  When he began his ministry, John had not anticipated such an attack on the gospel from within the church itself. Today, an ambiguous gospel is being promoted by many.  But we cannot get this issue wrong without eternal consequences.  True Christians have always believed that unless you hear and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ you cannot be saved. Keep Reading
  • Ligonier National Conference - R.C. Sproul - (II)

    from Alex Chediak Mar 15, 2008 Category: Events

    Dr. R.C. Sproul's second and final conference message was entitled "Counted Righteous in Christ (Imputation)." He began by reading Genesis 15:1-6, where we learn that Abraham believed God, and God "counted it to him as righteousness." Dr. Sproul then read from Romans 4:1-8, where we see Paul hearkening back to Abraham as "Exhibit A" of how righteousness is obtained before God. Keep Reading
  • Ligonier National Conference - Sinclair Ferguson (II)

    from Alex Chediak Mar 15, 2008 Category: Events

    In his second and final conference message, Dr. Sinclair Ferguson spoke on the theme "The Nature of Saving Faith." Dr. Ferguson took his text from Romans 3:19-4:2, but also read several verses on the results of saving faith from Romans 5. Keep Reading
  • Ligonier National Conference - C.J. Mahaney

    from Alex Chediak Mar 14, 2008 Category: Events

    Pastor Mahaney's topic was "The Resurrection of Jesus" and his text was I Corinthians 15:17.  Although Easter is right around the corner, we tend to keep the topic of death as far away from us as possible. Yet we must remember that our hope as Christians is not in the avoidance of death, but in the triumph of Christ over death. Pastor Mahaney noted that his purpose today was pastoral and personal. He wanted to apply the doctrine of the resurrection to our souls - and specifically as it relates to death. Keep Reading
  • Ligonier National Conference - Sinclair Ferguson (I)

    from Alex Chediak Mar 14, 2008 Category: Events

    Dr. Ferguson read from Isaiah 53:1- 12. He noted that Isaiah 53 rivals Psalm 110 for maximum New Testament citations, and surpasses Psalm 110 with respect to allusions. Isaiah 53 is the passage that Christ must have turned to again and again. We can hear him saying, "Was it not necessary that the Christ should suffer these things and enter into his glory?" (Luke 24:26) Keep Reading
  • Ligonier National Conference - Steven Lawson - (II)

    from Alex Chediak Mar 14, 2008 Category: Events

    Dr. Steven J. Lawson gave his second and final message entitled "The Saving Power of God." Noting that this is the central theme of Romans, Lawson took his text from Rom. 1:1-18. That all power belongs to God is clearly taught in the Bible. We call this the doctrine of divine omnipotence. Lawson quoted numerous passages which describe the boundless power of God. All creation is under the sway of God's power. But greater than God's work in physical creation is His redeeming work in spiritual re-creation. Greater than God's moving mountains is God's moving the stone of sin from human hearts. The cross is the pinnacle of God's saving, redeeming work. Only a God who is All-Powerful can accomplish such a great salvation. Keep Reading