Should Christians Protest at Abortion Mills?

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Yes and no. As I have argued here, there are some fine reasons why Christians should be a constant presence at their local abortion mill. It is true that different believers, even different churches have different callings. Trouble is, too often we “feel called” to that which is most comfortable, most respectable. If there are ten churches within a five mile radius of the local mill, and everyone of them supports Bible study programs for successful businessmen something is wrong. Just remember that both the priest and the Levite had some thriving ministries to get to back in Jerusalem as well. Our neighbor is the baby being led to the slaughter.

That said, and given the same principle of different gifts, and not wanting to start a war over competing strategies, I do think it important that in our own minds, when we go the mill that we not see ourselves as but protestors. A protestor is one who merely protests. It is tantamount to standing before the watching world and declaring “I object!” When I merely protest I want me, my neighbors, my friends, passers-by, and those inside the mill to know how I feel about what they are doing. The point of the protest is to make the bad guys feel bad and the good guys feel good. But the babies, and the souls of those who kill them, still die agonizing deaths.

Please do not misunderstand. I am not here arguing for that approach taken by what I call The Blessed Sisters of the Whispering Mice. These are sweet, gentle ladies who minister by gently, sweetly, whispering some form of “Please don’t. We are here to help. Jesus loves you.” These are wonderful ladies, but I’m not arguing for that strategy. Instead at the mill we should be calling people to repent, which means calling sin sin, and baby murder baby murder. My defense for this direct, honest approach is found in Acts 2. Peter preached to his audience that they had crucified the Messiah. Hardly seeker sensitive, but 3000 were added that day. “Don’t murder your baby” may not be what Rick Warren would say, but I suspect it is what Peter would say.

Christians should be at abortion mills, all of them, every day. And we should not be silent. What we should be doing is proclaiming the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We should be imploring butchers, butchers’ assistants, boyfriends, grandmothers, pregnant moms to turn from their sin, to repent and throw themselves on the mercy of God in Christ. We should be pleading with the blind that they not further sear their consciences, and dance across the precipice of hell. We should be calling men to be men, to protect rather than murder their children.

And we should be repenting. Protest seems to be saying, “The rest of you should be good, like me.” Proclaiming Christ instead says, “You all need to be forgiven, as I do. Jesus is our only hope.” It’s exactly what we need to say, and exactly what we need to hear.

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