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from Jun 16, 2011 Category: Tabletalk Magazine

Filled with theological articles and a Bible study for every day of the week, Tabletalk magazine has been around for close to 35 years with a readership of more than 200,000 per month.

Tabletalk…is called such because it is the hope of its editors that it will spark table talk in the thousands of homes that receive the magazine,” explains Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. “It is their hope that this magazine will encourage families to speak of the things of God when they lie down and when they rise up.”

What Others Are Saying

For years, Tabletalk has been a key ingredient in the daily diet of Christians conscious of their spiritual vitality. I’m delighted to have benefited myself over the years and hope for many more years of God’s blessing on your work.
Michael Horton

Tabletalk has been a wonderful resource in my own daily walk with the Lord.
—Ravi Zacharias

My wife and I have been reading Tabletalk since the very first edition. We read it out loud to one another every morning, seven days a week. We read the Scripture references out loud, including the references for further study listed on the bottom of the page. We read all the articles. We save past editions and give them away to others. We think Tabletalk is the finest daily Bible study extant. It has been a source of great blessing as well as valuable education for us both.
—Mr. and Mrs. Gary

Thank you for your splendid magazine. I learn a great deal and am thus able to make wiser decisions in life. I appreciate all you do and pray for your mission daily.

Your Tabletalk magazine has been a real blessing. I use it to lead a small Bible study group in our day room here in the prison. God is using your ministry to reach hearts in here. God bless you all!
—A prisoner in Texas

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