The Meaning of Justified Ends

from Apr 10, 2014 Category: Tabletalk Magazine

Here’s an excerpt from The Meaning of Justified EndsR.C. Sproul Jr.’s contribution to the April issue of Tabletalk:

What are we supposed to do? Though teleology may be the most neglected of all branches of philosophy, it cannot long be ignored in our daily lives. We need to know what we are for, what the goal is. And in a harried world, it is all the more understandable that we would seek out one, clear bottom line. We want news we can use. What we can use the most is an explanation of what our calling is. We are aimless, directionless when we don’t know where we are headed. This may explain why God’s Word is so rich in bottom lines, in quick, understandable summaries of our calling. The One who made us is well equipped to tell us what we are for.

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