Ligonier Music Titles Available for Digital Download on iTunes, Amazon and more

from Oct 19, 2009 Category: Ligonier Resources

As the catalog of originally-conceived and produced music at Ligonier continues to grow, we are constantly looking for avenues to make this music available to wider audiences. Now twelve of Ligonier’s music titles are available for digital download through the iTunes® store, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody and more than 19 other major online music distribution services.


Scenes from the Life of Christ
by Tom Howard (our newest release)
Liner notes




The Alphabet of Revelation 
by J.A.C. Redford



Hymn Scenes.jpg
Hymn Scenes 
by Larry Hall 



Ligonier Sinfonia.jpg
Ligonier Sinfonia 
by Terry Yount 



God of Grace and Glory
by Terry Yount, Chris Dolske 



Over Jordan.jpg
Over Jordan
by Atlanta Boy Choir



dancing day.jpg
Dancing Day
by the Atlanta Boy Choir



Garden of Beauty.jpgGarden of Beauty
by Atlanta Boy Choir



Simple Gifts.jpg
Simple Gifts
by Saint Andrew’s Strings



Light All Around
by The Master’s Chorale, Dr. Paul T. Plew. 


Christmas music:


Word Became Flesh.jpg
The Word Became Flesh
by Dan & Heidi Goeller, narrated by R.C. Sproul



Early American Christmas.jpg
Early American Christmas
by Miller-Rowe Consort



Search for these titles by name in the iTunes store or in Amazon MP3 downloads. See all twelve in Amazon MP3 downloads by clicking here.


The music division at Ligonier exists to exalt the name of Christ and support the teaching of the Word of God with music. It is our hope that our efforts will bring glory to God by restoring the sense of reverence and gravitas found in more classical forms of worship.