Learn What the Bible Says About Economics

from Jun 13, 2013 Category: Ministry News

Would you trade your $5 bill for my 50¢ piece?”

A middle school boy declined that offer a few years ago when I was talking about economics at a local school. But he lost out on an incredible deal. The silver content of the half dollar I offered him was worth eighty times its face value.

I don’t write often on economics, but all the talk in recent months about the fiscal cliff, the sequester, and so on got me thinking about that economics presentation I made a few years ago. We’re debating these issues nationally because principles of biblical stewardship are not governing public economic policy. Many voters are complicit in this, even many Christian voters.

Yet good economic thinking flows from what we believe about God. The consequences are not mere politics. It’s about loving God and our neighbor.

Labor, thrift, wise investment, long-term planning, and generosity are theological principles rooted in God’s created order. If the state encourages their exercise, financial blessings are widespread, providing ample resources for gospel ministry. Just taxes, financial responsibility, and the proper use of authority allow people to retain the fruit of their labor. People living under economic liberty better reflect God’s image as we manifest the glory of His creation via the re-creation of work.

Our economics will be grounded either in Bible-centered theology or in humanistic thinking. Only a true faith that applies God’s Word to everything—including economics—will lead to the revival and reformation our culture needs so badly.

For more than forty years, by God’s grace and the support of friends like you, Ligonier Ministries has helped Christians learn and apply Scripture’s teaching in every arena, including economics.

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