John MacArthur and R.C. Sproul Discuss the National Tragedy of Abortion-On-Demand

from Jan 22, 2013 Category: Ministry News

Yesterday and today on Renewing Your Mind we’re airing a discussion between Dr. R.C. Sproul and special guest, Dr. John MacArthur, on the moral crisis and national tragedy of abortion-on-demand in our country.

Dr. Sproul organized this discussion after reading a transcript of a sermon from Dr. MacArthur on this important issue. Grateful for the courage with which Dr. MacArthur proclaimed the clear teaching of Scripture, Dr. Sproul was comitted to getting this message into as many people’s hands as possible.

Today only, call us at 800-435-4343 and we’ll send you a free copy of Dr. MacArthur’s sermon plus part-one and part-two of his Renewing Your Mind discussion with Dr. Sproul.

Abortion and the Campaign for Immorality (Part 1)

Abortion and the Campaign for Immorality (Part 2)